Howard County Recreation & Parks offers tennis programs, lessons and camps for all ages and skill levels, from beginners to adult recreational players.

Tennis lessons are offered to youth and adults in the spring, summer and fall. The lessons are taught in a small group setting throughout various Howard County tennis courts.

Read concussion and sudden cardiac arrest information. Review of this information is required by law before you are allowed to register for youth sports programs.

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After-School Tennis - 8-10 yrs 

Have fun while you learn the basics or fine-tune your skills in this program taught by trained coaches. Classes include a variety of drills and games and an introduction to match play. Information: Brian Wyman, 410-313-4705 or bwyman@howardcountymd.gov

Youth Tennis Lessons 

Information: Amy Patton, 410-313-4718 or apatton@howardcountymd.gov

Tennis Lessons with Shantha Chandra: HCRP Tennis Lessons: Baltimore Tennis Patrons Lessons (only offered in the summer): Kiddie Tennis - 5-7 yrs 

 Info: Brian Wyman, 410-313-4705 or bwyman@howardcountymd.gov.

Youth Tennis Camps

Spring Break Camps Summer Camps

  • Junior Tennis & Swim
    5-7 yrs / 1 wk starting Jul 18 / Prices below
    Campers of all ability levels learn and develop the proper form needed to play tennis through QuickStart teaching methods using portable pop-up tennis nets in the gymnasium. After the lesson, campers enjoy a recreational swim at the pool. Fee includes t-shirt and entrance to pool. Extended swim option available where you may remain at the RCCC pool and must be picked up at the pool no later than 5 PM.
    Roger Carter Comm Ctr
    Junior Tennis & Swim / $197
    RP7643.801 9 AM-2:30 PM M-F
    Extended Swim Option / $247
    RP7643.802 9 AM-5 PM M-F

  • 2015 Junior Tennis & Swim Camp Information

  • Tennis & Golf Camp
    5-8 yrs / 4 days, start dates below / $106
    This camp introduces you to two lifetime sports that stay with you forever. You are taught tennis according to the QuickStart format based on USTA standards and SNAG golf equipment designed to enhance learning. The modified equipment helps teach the basics while having fun in a safe and non-competitive environment. Friday is the first rain date.
    Meadowbrook Pk
    RP7017.801 Jun 20 9 AM-noon M-Th
    RP7017.802 Jun 20 1-4 PM M-Th
    RP7017.803 Jun 27 9 AM-noon M-Th
    RP7017.804 Jun 27 1-4 PM M-Th
    RP7017.805 Jul 25 9 AM-noon M-Th
    RP7017.806 Jul 25 1-4 PM M-Th
  • ​2015 Tennis & Golf Camp Information
  • ​Junior Development Tennis with Shantha Chandra
    6-13 yrs / 4 days, start dates below / $80
    This camp is perfect for all skill levels, whether you are a beginner who has never picked up a racket, an advanced beginner, or are returning to camp to learn new skills or improve on old ones! Join us for a variety of drills and games leading up to an introduction to match play. QuickStart tennis format (with age-appropriate specific color pressureless balls) is used for younger players. Everyone plays in matches with scoring. Friday is reserved for the first rain date.
    Centennial Pk West / 9-11 AM
    RP7013.801 Jun 20 M-Th RP7013.805 Jul 18 M-Th
    RP7013.802 Jun 27 M-Th RP7013.806 Jul 25 M-Th
    RP7013.803 Jul 5 Tu-F RP7013.807 Aug 1 M-Th
    RP7013.804 Jul 11 M-Th RP7013.808 Aug 8 M-Th

  • 2015 Junior Development Tennis Camp Information

  • Tennis & Swim
    7-14 yrs / 1 wk, start dates & prices below
    Develop the proper form needed to play at your desired level. All ability
    levels learn and improve skills and techniques needed to enjoy tennis. After
    the lesson and match play, cool off with a daily swim in the pool at the
    Roger Carter Community Center (RCCC) in Ellicott City. You are bused to the
    pool and return by bus to Cedar Lane Park by 2:30 PM. Extended swim
    option available where you may remain at the RCCC pool and must be picked
    up at the pool no later than 5 PM. Fee includes t-shirt and entrance to pool.
    Tennis & Swim / Cedar Lane Pk East
    RP7642.801 Jul 5 9 AM-2:30 PM Tu-F $158
    RP7642.802 Jul 11 9 AM-2:30 PM M-F $197
    RP7642.803 Jul 18 9 AM-2:30 PM M-F $197
    Extended Swim Option / Cedar Lane Pk East & Roger Carter Comm Ctr
    RP7642.811 Jul 5 9 AM-5 PM Tu-F $198
    RP7642.812 Jul 11 9 AM-5 PM M-F $247
    RP7642.813 Jul 18 9 AM-5 PM M-F $247
  • 2015 Tennis and Swim Camp Information
  • ​Junior USA Team Tennis with Shantha Chandra
    9-15 yrs / 4 days, start dates below / $80
    Refresh your basic ground strokes, volleys, serving and scoring followed by match play. Join us for the opportunity to become a better player in a fun, positive atmosphere devoted to the lifetime sport of tennis! This is designed for the intermediate level player for placement of serves and ground strokes. Friday is reserved for the first rain date.
    Centennial Pk West / 11:15 AM-1:15 PM
    RP7014.801 Jun 20 M-Th RP7014.805 Jul 18 M-Th
    RP7014.802 Jun 27 M-Th RP7014.806 Jul 25 M-Th
    RP7014.803 Jul 5 Tu-F RP7014.807 Aug 1 M-Th
    RP7014.804 Jul 11 M-Th RP7014.808 Aug 8 M-Th
  • ​2015 Junior USA Team Tennis Camp Information

Adult Tennis Lessons