Howard County Recreation & Parks offers soccer programs, camps and leagues for all ages and skill levels, from beginners to adult recreational players.

Read concussion and sudden cardiac arrest information. Review of this information is required by law before you are allowed to register for youth sports programs.

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Mighty Kickers Soccer (3-4 yrs)
GOAL! Coaches provide a high energy, fun introduction to soccer. Mighty Kickers uses a creative, age appropriate curriculum to introduce basic soccer skills to kids including dribbling, passing and shooting while providing an entertaining and friendly atmosphere! Parents are also encouraged to follow the coach’s instructions to assist in the games and activities. Info: Amanda Bartell, 410-313-1694 or abartell@howardcountymd.gov.

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U.K. Elite Petite Soccer (3-5 yrs)

This is a mini-taste of the U.K. Elite experience! Hour-long programs of soccer fun and games are designed to introduce the youngest of players to the greatest of games. The emphasis is on having fun with a soccer ball. Parent involvement is encouraged at times. Info: Susan Markovitz, 410-313-4674 or smarkovitz@howardcountymd.gov.  

After School


After-School Soccer (8-10 yrs)

The world’s most popular game awaits you. Boys and girls learn and improve basic skills such as dribbling, trapping, shooting, passing, defense and team play. Coaches use a variety of drills, games and scrimmages to make learning fun and exciting. Meet outside school office; coaches escort players to field. Info: Curtis Gore, 410-313-4705 or cgore@howardcountymd.gov

Youth Program

Kiddie Soccer (5-7 yrs)
Are you ready to play in the world's most popular game? Boys and girls, learn basic skills such as dribbling, trapping, passing, shooting, defense and team play, all in a fun and encouraging environment. Info: Curtis Gore, 410-313-4705 or cgore@howardcountymd.gov.

U.K. Elite Soccer Technical Programs (5-14 yrs)
Do you want to take your skills to the next level by learning from some of the finest British soccer coaches? Boys and girls, learn from one of the best professional youth soccer coaching companies in the country, This fantastic learning experience uses age-appropriate curricula and expert instruction. Emphasis on sound fundamental techniques and skills along with a firm understanding of the game. Info: Susan Markovitz, 410-313-4674 or samarkovitz@howardcountymd.gov.

Youth Leagues

Youth Soccer League (4-8 yrs)
Howard County Recreation and Parks provides youth soccer leagues in the spring, fall and winter for children ages 4-8. Each season is 8-10-week sessions, depending upon the season. The leagues are designed for beginners to advanced beginners. For the spring and fall seasons, players have one weeknight practice and one game on Saturday mornings/afternoons. The winter league meets only on Sunday afternoons. Volunteer coaches are needed and are required to be certified under Howard County Recreation and Parks Coaches Registry. More detailed information can be found in our seasonal guides under our soccer program offerings. Info: Susan Markovitz, 410-313-4674 or samarkovitz@howardcountymd.gov

General Season Information:
Spring season: Plays April–early June; registration begins in December
Fall season: Plays late August–early November; registration begins in March
Winter season: Plays January–early March; registration begins in August


Instructional Soccer League (5-10 yrs)
First-time players or those wanting to improve their fundamental skills, play small-sided games in the instructional league. Focus in on skill development through drill, game rules and scrimmages. Practice for four weeks and play four games against teams from other sites (schedule TBD). Fee includes t-shirt. Shin guards required. Info: Curtis Gore, 410-313-4705 cgore@howardcountymd.gov.


U.K. Elite Petite Mini Soccer Camp (3-4 yrs)
U.K. Petite offers young children the perfect introduction to the world’s most popular sport! Our unique “games-based” approach to teaching soccer provides every child the opportunity to develop motor skills, social skills,coordination and general athletic ability in a stimulating, motivating, educational environment. Players receive a t-shirt and detailed player evaluation. Info: Patrick McGinnis, 410-313-4716 or pmcginnis@howardcountymd.gov.

U.K. Elite Soccer Camps & Soccer Schools (5-14 yrs)

U.K. Elite Soccer Camps (5-8 yrs) and U.K. Elite Soccer Schools (9-14 yrs) are action-packed camps designed to promote individualized learning of techniques and skills. U.K. Elite Soccer Camps (5-8 yrs) includes mass games,structured practices and World Cup tournaments, ensuring maximum participation and fun. U.K. Elite Soccer School campers (9-14 yrs) are introduced to advanced technical skills and develop an understanding of individual and group tactics. Our professional coaches ensure players have a memorable experience and improve their technical skills and tactical understanding of the game while having a great time. Campers receive a camp t-shirt and detailed player evaluation. Q Extend your day to 6 PM with HC Summer Mix Extended Camp on page 14. Info: Patrick McGinnis, 410-313-4716 or pmcginnis@howardcountymd.gov.

Baltimore Blast Soccer Academy
(5-16 yrs)
The Baltimore Blast Summer Soccer Camps are for youth players who desire to reach their full potential in all areas of their lives. Blast campers improve soccer skills and form a foundation on which to build. In addition to the emphasis on soccer skills, learn the game, enhance soccer skills, interact with pro players and learn the values of teamwork, diversity, responsibility and sportsmanship. Fee includes a soccer ball, academy t-shirt and free youth ticket(s) to a home Baltimore Blast game. Q Extend your day to 6 PM with HC Summer Mix Extended Camp on page 14. Info: Patrick McGinnis, 410-313-4716 or pmcginnis@howardcountymd.gov.


Adult Leagues

HCRP offers men's, women's and co-rec divisions in spring, summer, fall and winter.  Division options do vary by season; please visit the Adult Soccer League Page or contact Pat McGinnis, pmcginnis@howardcountymd.gov or (410) 313-4716 for more information.


2017 Soccer Tournaments - Howard County Recreation & Parks and UK Elite have teamed up to offer some exciting tournaments.  Click on links below for more information.

March 11-12 - Spring Classic

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June 9- Global 5's

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July 15-16- Maryland Summer Shield 

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August 19-20

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November 18-19

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December 3-4 - Winter Turf Showcase and Festival

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