The program is not active at this time. Please contact Kristin O'Connor at 410-313-2350 for more information about the program.  


Facts about the property tax credit

  • Applies to improvements to both buildings and the land on properties with less than 10 acres 
  • Property must be adjacent to Route 1; next to a Route 1 parcel and visible from the roadway; or located within specified expanded boundaries in Elkridge, MD - see Elkridge boundary map here.

Eligible improvements include:

  • Exterior improvements to a building facade
  • Exterior painting and cleaning
  • Structural improvements to a building facade
  • Structure mounted signage, canopies, shutters and awnings
  • Screening of utility, trash or storage enclosures
  • Enhanced exterior building lighting
  • Replacement or enhancement of streetscape amenities (walkways, landscaping, bike racks, lighting, etc.)
  • Sidewalks
  • New construction that enhances the building or property

How much is the tax credit?

The property tax credit for eligible improvements is equivalent to 125% of verified expenses.  The tax credit is applied to the annual property tax.  If the credit is greater than the real property tax for a single year, it can be carried over and applied to subsequent annual taxes for up to four years!  The property owner benefits and so does the community where the improvements occur.

How do I apply?

Download a compiled information package on the Route 1 Tax Credit containing a cover letter describing the program, an application, and a maintenance agreement and a frequently asked questions sheet.

Or, download individual documents:

To discuss whether your planned improvements qualify, please contact Kristin O'Connor at