Route 1 Update

The Route 1 Corridor Master Plan was initiated to develop recommendations on revitalization strategies specific for Route 1 and was anticipated to be an amendment to the current General Plan, PlanHoward 2030. In July 2020, the County accelerated the next General Plan update and launched HoCo by Design, a process that will update PlanHoward 2030.

With both projects occurring simultaneously, the Route 1 Corridor Master Plan process will be folded into the General Plan update. Through the Route 1 Corridor Master Plan process, RKG & Associates prepared reports and recommendations based on community input received and physical assessments conducted along the corridor. The HoCo by Design consulting team is reviewing the RKG & Associates reports and will use them to inform their analysis and modeling. Integrating the Route 1 Master Plan into the General Plan Update allows for a more comprehensive evaluation of the Route 1 corridor and an opportunity to evaluate Route 1 in a wider context relative to Howard County as a whole.

The HoCo by Design team is comprised of local and national consultants with experience and expertise in areas of market and economics, environment, transportation, urban design and redevelopment. Using the RKG work as a foundation, this consulting team will advance planning strategies focused on revitalizing the Route 1 corridor and incorporate that work into the new master plan. HoCo by Design will model different growth scenarios along the various corridors in the County and evaluate the impacts on transportation, infrastructure, fiscal, and other measures. The Route 1 Corridor Master Plan did not have a modeling component to the project so additional analysis will be completed as a result of this consolidation.  In the meantime, the County has been reviewing materials from RKG & Associates and the results are forthcoming.



Phase II of the Corridor Plan

Phase II Workshop Results Are In!


A huge thank you to all who participated in the summer Phase II workshops. Public workshops were held during a hot spell in June in Elkridge and North Laurel to review and provide feedback on the Plan's economic, land use, and transportation strategies being considered for the Corridor. Attendees first heard a presentation by the project team before walking through a series of stations with survey questions on the concepts and preliminary considerations presented. 


A Phase II Virtual Workshop was open over the summer, which replicated the in-person workshop's presentation, stations, and survey. Results can be viewed here, the presentation and station materials are below.


View June Workshop Presentation:




View the Stations for a Breakdown of the Plan:

Stations cover the project's overview, what we've learned from you, existing conditions, character areas, connectivity and implementation.


Phase 1 Open House Results

Phase 1 Open House ResultsA huge thanks to all who participated in the plan’s Phase 1 Open Houses. Your input resulted in more than 1,300 comments by over 200 people! The information has been compiled and captured in our Phase 1 Open House Results module which includes all the mapping data, comment board and survey responses collected during the process. The information has been shared with the plan's consultants to make informed decisions through the next phases of the project.







 Virtual Open HouseComment Period Closed

The Virtual Open House is accessible for viewing its community mapping exercises but is no longer open for public comment.

This web tool is designed for use on a computer or laptop browser. 

Virtual Open House User GuideVirtual Open House User Guide

We recommend you open the Virtual Open House User Guide so it’s available to you as you navigate the virtual open house.

Virtual Open House

This Virtual Open House seeks additional input for the plan by reproducing each station’s content with interactive input activities in digital formats. We hope this provides a useful platform for sharing what you know about the corridor, and your ideas on how to improve its vibrancy and livability.

Please contact us with any questions at planning@howardcountymd.gov or 410-313-2350.

Project Open Houses

Open Houses were held in the Fall 2018 to solicit community input on existing land use, transportation and economic conditions and gauge personal preferences for each. The information will be analyzed, along with other base data, to inform the vision(s) for the corridor and test redevelopment scenarios in later planning phases.

Open House stations included information boards, write-in comment questions, mapping exercises and preference surveys, which consisted of the following topics:

  • Prior Planning Initiatives
  • Land Use Character
  • Getting Around