Route 1 Update October 2020

The Route 1 Corridor Master Plan was initiated to develop recommendations on revitalization strategies specific for Route 1 and was anticipated to be an amendment to the current General Plan, PlanHoward 2030. In July 2020, the County accelerated the next General Plan update and launched HoCo by Design, a process that will update PlanHoward 2030. 

 With both projects occurring simultaneously, the Route 1 Corridor Master Plan process will be folded into the General Plan update. Through the Route 1 Corridor Master Plan process, RKG & Associates prepared reports and recommendations based on community input received and physical assessments conducted along the corridor. The results of that effort have been summarized in a series of subject matter assessments which will serve as baseline data to inform a more comprehensive evaluation of Route 1 as part of HoCo By Design. Included in these assessments are an Executive Summary, a Market and Trends Assessment, a Transportation and Transit Assessment and Land Use and Urban Design Assessment (to be published shortly).

Integrating the Route 1 planning effort into the General Plan Update allows for a more comprehensive evaluation of the Route 1 corridor and an opportunity to evaluate Route 1 in a wider context relative to Howard County as a whole. HoCo by Design will model different growth scenarios along the various corridors in the County and evaluate the impacts on transportation, infrastructure, fiscal, and other measures. The Route 1 Corridor Master Plan did not have a modeling component to the project so additional analysis will be completed as a result of this consolidation.  Integrating these efforts will also provide a more holistic review of the corridor, as the HoCo by Design team is comprised of local and national consultants with experience and expertise in areas of market and economics, environment, transportation, urban design and redevelopment. 



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