Get outside this spring and complete the one-mile Hero Hustle training course starting at the community center and going through Western Regional Park. This self-guided course runs for two week. Can you run fast like dash? Stretch like Elastigirl? Crawl through the web like Spider-Man? Wear your favorite hero costume and test out your skills! Optional add on includes treat bag with prizes, craft and snack for $10 each. (Must preregister and pickup kit anytime during opening hours at the center’s front desk.) Info: Christine DiGioia 410-313-4843 or [email protected].

3 yrs + Free
RP4141.701 Gary J Arthur Comm Ctr  May 14-29,  Sa

  1. Print out or access the Hero Hustle Map from your computer or phone.
  1. Travel to Gary J. Arthur Community Center (2400 State Rt. 97 Cooksville, MD 21723). There is plenty of free parking. 
  2. The course starts on the left side of the building (closest to the fire station) near the back pathway into Western Regional Park.
  3. Follow the map along the trails until you come to a station. Stations will be marked on the map with a star and on the trail you should see a laminated sign zip tied to a pole, fence or object.
  4. There will also be stickers along the path to help lead you along.
  5. Read the directions on the sign to complete the Hero Training obstacle!
  6. On the top left corner of the even letter station signs (2, 4, 6, & 8) is a letter that you should write down or remember. These four stations with letters make up a 4-letter password to unlock the treasure chest at the end! Make sure to remember or write down this word to unlock your hero badge at the end of the course.
  7. Once you have completed the hero fitness station, follow the map along until the next one.
  8. The course will lead you back to the Gary J. Arthur Community Center where you will see the finish line clearly marked.
  9. Past the finish line, turn left onto the covered patio. Under a bench you will find a treasure box! Unlock the box with the 4-letter password you collected and pick up your hero badge! CONGRATULATIONS! You have completed hero training! Please take only one badge per child that participates and please lock the box back up after taking your badge.
  10. If you would like to print an official Hero Hustle training completion certificate click here.
  1. Please practice physical distancing and mask wearing while playing this game.
  2. Complete the course during daylight hours/ park hours only.
  3. Limit one badge per child who participates while supplies last. Please stick to this honor system so everyone can have fun! 
  4. Game signs must remain where they are posted. Please do not remove them when you find them.
  5. Questions or concerns or any issues with the course, please email Sara Schwab at [email protected] or call the Gary J. Arthur Community Center front desk at 410-313-4840.

If you purchased an add-on kit, please visit the front desk of the community center to pickup. (Must register ahead of time, not same day)

May 14 - 29, 2022
07:00 AM - 08:00 PM
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