Water and Sewer Connection Loan Program Begins

Howard County has begun a program to assist property owners with the costs of connecting to the sanitary sewer system, as part of County efforts to protect the environment, keep groundwater clean and improve infrastructure. 

The purpose of the program is to encourage as many property owners as possible to connect to the existing system in order to reduce the number of septic systems.

Through the Howard County Code (Title 20. Taxes, Charges, and Fees, Subtitle 7. Water/Sewer Connection Financing Program, Section 20.700), the County is making available loans to finance all or part of the costs of connecting existing or the public water and sewerage systems. (This program applies to property owners who seek to connect to the public sewerage system or both the public water and sewerage system not water only connections.)

County officials say connecting to the Howard County sewerage system through this program is a wise investment for several reasons:

Real estate professionals have indicated that equivalent properties with sewer connections are of higher value than those on septic systems; Nitrogen and other by-products of even well-functioning septic systems are significant contributors to Chesapeake Bay pollution;

The Howard County Health Department does not authorize replacement septic systems for properties that have access to sewer lines.

For more information on the program, Click Here

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