Howard County Recreation and Parks offers a variety of preschool sports classes, programs and camps for 2-4 year olds. These programs are focused on introducing participants to the fundamentals of the sports through an exciting and fun filled curriculum. All of our instructors are American Sports Education Program certified coaches. The majority of these programs and classes run in the fall, winter and spring seasons with camps running over the summer season. For more information, please contact Amanda Bartell, abartell@howardcountymd.gov.

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Classes and Programs

Tiny Tykes Tee Ball

Tiny Tykes Tee Ball (3-4 yrs) 

Batter up! Nobody strikes out and everyone hits home runs! Our age appropriate equipment and activities are designed to provide a successful introduction to the skills of batting, catching, throwing and base running. Parents are encouraged to follow the coach’s instructions to assist in the games and activities with your child.

Little Tykes Hoops Basketball

Little Tykes Hoops Basketball (3-4 yrs)

In this class, having fun is sure to be a slam dunk! Children are introduced to beginner basketball concepts such as dribbling, passing and shooting through a curriculum of exciting and fun-filled games and activities. Parents are encouraged to follow the coach’s instructions to assist in the games and activities.

Little Big Shots

Little Big Shots (3-4 yrs)
This multi-sport program introduces basketball, tee ball, and soccer through exciting and engaging games and activities. Participants will do two weeks of each of the sports. Parents are encouraged to follow the coach’s instructions to assist.

Learn-N-Play Sports

Learn-N-Play Sports (3-5 yrs)
Children experience a variety of age-appropriate sports activities that help them develop their large motor skills and socialization skills in a fun atmosphere! Each week we focus on different activities that combine positive social interactions, good listening skills, taking turns, and teamwork. Activities include bowling, parachute games, sports stations, relay races, and more! Parents are encouraged to follow the coach’s instructions to assist in the games and activities.

Jump Bunch Kids

Jump Bunch Kids (2-5 yrs)
JumpBunch classes are a wonderful opportunity for parents and children to interact in a fun, engaging, and noncompetitive environment during an introduction to multiple sports and fitness activities. Warm-up exercises are designed to improve balance, increase coordination and develop body  awareness. Children enjoy using and exploring the child-friendly equipment provided by JumpBunch.

Mighty Kickers Soccer

Mighty Kickers Soccer (3-4 yrs)

GOAL! Coaches provide a high energy, fun introduction to soccer. Mighty Kickers uses a creative, age appropriate curriculum to introduce basic soccer skills to kids including dribbling, passing and shooting while providing an entertaining and friendly atmosphere! Parents are also encouraged to follow the coach’s instructions to assist in the games and activities.

Mighty LAXers Lacrosse

Mighty LAXers Lacrosse (3-4 yrs)
Calling all Mighty LAXers! This high energy curriculum introduces children to important fundamentals of lacrosse such as scooping, cradling, and shooting. Age appropriate equipment is used to provide children with a safe and fun experience in every LAXers class! Parents are also encouraged to follow the coach's instructions to assist in the games and activities.

Preschool Gymnastics

Preschool Gymnastics (3-5 yrs)
In this introduction to gymnastics, boys and girls develop strength coordination and locomotor movement, listening skills, and cooperation. Participants use various types of gymnastics and physical education equipment including bars, beams, mats, trampolines and a foam training pit. Emphasis is on fun in a safe and supportive atmosphere. Diapers and pull-ups are not allowed.

Tiny Ninja

Tiny Ninja (3-5 yrs)

In this introduction to Ninja Warrior training, young boys and girls develop body strength, agility, coordination, speed, listening and collaborative skills. Tiny Ninjas complete fun exercises on isolated trampoline sections. These exercises challenge the listening and motor skills of each participant. Parents must be on site at all times during class.

Information: Jamie Brentlinger, 410-313-1665 or jbrentlinger@howardcountymd.gov.

Camp Sport-N-More

Camp Sports-N-More (3-7 yrs)

This is an exciting, physically active and well-rounded summer camp experience for all campers! A typical day at camp consists of story time, music, snack time (no nut products), arts and crafts, group games and sport-specific activities including basketball, soccer, tee ball and other sports. Instructors are American Sport Education Program certified coaches. Half-day and full-day options available. Camp runs rain or shine; activities occur indoors and outdoors. Staff does not change diapers.

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