Pickleball is considered the fastest growing sport in the US. This new sport is a fun combination of badminton, tennis, and ping-pong. This fun sport is enjoyable for all age groups.

Howard County Recreation and Parks currently offers adult programs along with drop-in play at the North Laurel Community Center and the Meadowbrook Athletic Complex. The department is looking to expand these programs to our outdoor facilities, incorporating youth programs and creating both youth and adult tournaments. 

For more information, please contact Amanda Bartell, 410-313-1694 or abartell@howardcountymd.gov

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Winter 2020
Adult League



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Pickleball Instructor Opportunity

Howard County Recreation and Parks is looking to hire experienced Pickleball instructors to lead programs, classes and/or clinics for both youth and adults. Schedules are based on the availability of the applicant and when space is available at the facilities and parks. 

Please CLICK HERE for more information and to submit an application for the position.  

Pickleball Programs

Adult League

Adult Pickleball League

The Adult Pickleball League consists of doubles pool play during the regular season and a tournament on the last day of the season. Teams will play best two out of three matches each week. Complete league rules are listed below. Each player of the team must register individually and list their partner in the registration process. If an individual does not have a partner for the league, they must register in the "No Partner" section of the league and will be matched with a partner only if possible. 

Each player of the team will list their skill level during the registration process. There will be a beginner (2.0-2.5), intermediate (3.0-3.5) and advanced (4.0+) division of the league. Based on each partner's skill level, a team can play up in a skill level division but not down. League Director reserves the right to divide or combine divisions based on enrollment numbers. 

Please indicate dates unavailable to play upon registering; requests are not guaranteed. Complete season schedule will be sent out to all participants prior to the start of the season.


Winter 2020 Season: Mixed Doubles League

  • Start Date: Saturday, December 15
  • Game Times: Between 5pm and 9pm
  • Location: North Laurel Community Center
  • Regular Season: 9 weeks
  • End of the Season Tournamnet: Saturday, February 29*
  • Cost: $65 per player
  • Sections:


Adult Play

Pickleball for All (18+ yrs)


The Pickleball for All program is an opened play opportunity for participants 18+ yrs and of any skill level. There is no game structure and participants are free to rotate between the other participants at the program to play friendly matches.


The monthly membership packages allow participants to register for as many dates as they would like within a specific month that the Pickleball for All program is offered (first come, first serve) at a discounted membership monthly price. After purchasing a membership package for a month, participants must then register for the specific date(s) within that month they will be attending before being allowed to participate. If you choose not to purchase a membership package, participants can still register for the day-by-day play at a $5/day fee. All participants must be registered for specific date(s) in order to participate in the program. 


CLICK HERE for a full calendar of the dates, times and locations of the Pickleball for All program. 


  Month        Membership Package        Day-By-Day Registration*      
  December   CLICK HERE for Membership   CLICK HERE to register for December dates  
  January   CLICK HERE for Membership   CLICK HERE to register for January dates
  February   CLICK HERE for Membership   CLICK HERE to register for February dates
  March   CLICK HERE for Membership   CLICK HERE to register for March dates

*$5/day fee without the monthly membership package.

Participants can also purchase a membership package and/or register for specific dates by calling our registration department at 410-313-7275.

CLICK HERE for Frequently Asked Questions about the Pickleball Membership Packages.

Pickleball for All Refund Policy:
1. If a Pickleball for All participant needs to change/cancel playing date(s), they must contact HCRP at 410-313-7275 at least 48 hours prior to their registered date(s) and can either transfer into another date, if spots are available, or receive a full credit back on to their HCRP account. 
2. If a Pickleball for All participant misses a date that they’re registered for, that participant will not be allowed to transfer to another date or receive a credit/refund.
3. If a date for the Pickleball for All program is canceled due to inclement weather or any other unforeseen circumstances, all participants registered for that date will be issued a full credit back on to their HCRP account. 


Drop-In Pickleball
Drop-In Pickleball is offered at the North Laurel Community Center and the Gary J Arthur Community Center. All patrons entering the facility must pay the daily admission or have a valid membership, unless they are a participant in a Howard County Recreation & Parks program taking place at the center.

  • North Laurel Community Center - CLICK HERE for more information
    • 16+ yrs
    • Fridays from 9am-noon
  • Gary J Arthur Community Center - CLICK HERE for more information
    • 50+ yrs
    • Tuesday and Thursday from 11am-2pm


2019 Pickleball Classic Tournament:

Howard County Recreation and Parks will be holding our Pickleball Classic Tournament on August 3 and 4 at the Meadowbrook Athletic Complex. 

Final Brackets:


2019 Touranment Pictures:

You can CLICK HERE to view the pictures from the 2019 tournament.


Permitted Courts

HCRP permits Pickleball courts throughout the year for scheduled programs, classes and leagues. Below is an overview of days and times that specific courts are not available for public use. 

  • Fall 2019 (September-December)
    • There are no courts permitted by HCRP at this time. All courts are opened to public play. If/When programs are added to our schedule, we will updated this website accordingly. 


*Subject to change due to make-up dates/classes, inclement weather and/or registration numbers. 

Atholton Pickleball Courts

Outdoor Pickleball Courts

Atholton - Pickleball Ribbon Cutting

Howard County Recreation and Parks opens the County's FIRST outdoor Pickleball courts at Atholton Park, 6875 Greenleigh Drive in Columbia. The two courts will meet the USA Pickleball Association's approved court dimensions, measuring 20' by 44'.