Howard County Recreation & Parks offers lifelong learning programs and workshops for adults and seniors year round. Lifelong learning programs include language; finance; dog obedience; language; wellness and billiards. Programs and workshops allow participants the opportunity to expand on their knowledge and skills in continued education.



To register, call 410-313-7275 or Register Online

For more info: Karen Ehler, Recreation Coordinator: 410-313-4635 or KEhler@howardcountymd.gov

Full listing of current Adult Programs (18 yrs +): https://www.howardcountymd.gov/adultprograms 


Encore (55+)

For more information, please contact Ruth Coleman at rucoleman@howardcountymd.gov or (410) 313-7311. 

Bridge Basics- Bridge is an enjoyable card game! Bridge challenges your mind while helping to make new friends. We are offering a 4-week class for people who have never played bridge and for those who would like a refresher. 

Basic Defensive Tactics- Learn basic techniques to defend yourself against physical threats. The techniques of Sifu Johnson, Basic Defensive Tactics incorporates a positive attitude and basic precautions. Course it taught in a relaxed environment that is conducive to learning proven tactics and unique insights about the problems unique to older adults. 

Looking for more ways to experience something new? Check out our upcoming trips and tours! Click here to see where we are going next!

Inclusion Services

Howard County Recreation and Parks strives to make programs available to all individuals with disabilities and complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  Inclusion Services provides a variety of supports to individuals with disabilities who choose to participate in any recreation program or class offered by the department. Inclusion accommodations may include financial assistance, accessibility, companions, additional training, medical, and interpretive services for the deaf or hearing impaired.

Individuals with disabilities are encouraged to register for general recreation programs of their choice. Howard County Recreation and Parks Department has developed an inclusion process to better accommodate citizens with disabilities. To ensure that we meet your program needs, please call 410-313-4628 or 410-313-4708 at least two weeks before the program begins.

The Inclusion Process:
Look through the brochure and find a class or program you like.
Register for the program. Let us know what you need to participate on the registration form or when you call to the person taking the registration.
Examples may include effective communication for the deaf or hearing impaired, improved signage, activity modification, additional staff training, companions, accessible equipment and facility features, and/or individualized planning for program or class participation. 
Therapeutic Recreation Staff will contact you to discuss strategies for inclusion and to offer an opportunity to share additional accommodation information. You will be asked to complete this confidential survey to help us better serve you.

Each request is assessed on an individual case by case basis. Additional information may be needed to address the request.
Modifications or accommodations will be made as needed.

Companion Services are not guaranteed.

Come live, learn, and choose your fun!

Contact Us

To register, call 410-313-7275 or Register Online

Adult: Karen Ehler, Recreation Supervisor: 410-313-4635 / kehler@howardcountymd.gov

Encore (55+): Ruth Coleman, Recreation Manager: 410-313-7311 / rucoleman@howardcountymd.gov