Inclement Weather and Program Status Lines

We strive to operate our programs regardless of weather - canceling is a last resort. However:  

  • While most programs will be held despite the weather, schedules and drop-off points may change.
  • Should lightning be a factor, outdoor activities may be moved indoors.
  • If a snow emergency is declared in Howard County, programs may be closed early or canceled.
  • If a snow emergency is declared in Howard County, all parks are closed.
  • If schools are closed, delayed or dismissed early due to inclement weather or if the Board of Education suspends after-school activities, Recreation and Parks programs in schools may be affected.
  • In the event of inclement weather, call the Inclement Weather/Program Status numbers below for up-to-date information.
  • You should check with your instructor about make-up dates for canceled sessions.
  • Review the Extreme Heat Policy, which provides guidelines for staff and facilities when the National Weather Service announces a Heat Advisory or a Heat Warning.
Inclement Weather/Program Status Information
(Call after 4pm M-F and after 7am Sat & Sun for recorded message)

Classes, Program, Events, Trips, Childcare, Therapeutic Recreation, 
Some Sports and Outdoor Recreation: 410-313-4451

Gary J. Arthur Community Center: 410-313-4452 (option 1)

Meadowbrook Athletic Complex: 410-313-4452 (option 2)

Roger Carter Community Center: 410-313-4452 (option 3)

Kiwanis-Wallas Hall410-313-4452 (option 4)

North Laurel Community Center: 410-313-4452 (option 5)

Robinson Nature Center: 410-313-4452 (option 6)

Ball Field Conditions

All School Fields: 410-313-6827

Alpha Ridge Park and Western Regional Park: 410-313-4372

Blandair Park: 410-313-3673

Cedar Lane Park: 410-313-4453

Centennial Park and Cypressmede Park: 410-313-4454

Hollifield Park and the Howard County Center for the Arts: 410-313-4457

Dayton Oaks Park and Schooley Mill Park: 410-313-4458

Dickinson Park, Hammond Park, Huntington Park and Martin Road Park: 410-313-4459

Meadowbrook Park: 410-313-2727

Rockburn Branch Park, Waterloo Park, and Worthington Dog Park: 410-313-4455

Savage Park, Guilford Park, East Columbia Library Park: 410-313-4456