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What is HoCode Rewrite?

The HoCode Rewrite is a process to modernize and unify the County's development regulations under a single, comprehensive Unified Development Code that will make the regulations simpler for residents and stakeholders to understand and use.

The effort is being led by Clarion Associates, a national land-use consulting firm that led the project's initial phase and public engagement process.

Clarion Associates has been selected for the HoCode Rewrite and will work with DPZ during the Fall to develop a project timeline, workplan and Citizen Engagement plan. Public meetings and outreach are anticipated to begin early 2019.

Please check here periodically for additional information and sign up to receive updates as they become available.


Regulation Assessment and Outline

Phase 1 of the project was an assessment of the current zoning and land development regulations. It focused on public outreach with citizens and stakeholders to discuss strengths and weaknesses of the current land development regulations and recommendations for improvement. The Development Regulation and Assessment and Annotated Outline was released and will serve as a "roadmap" for the HoCode Rewrite.

Please visit the Regulation Assessment webpage for more information on Phase 1.


Questions? Contact the Department of Planning and Zoning at (410) 313-2350 or email Julia Sauer at jsauer@howardcountymd.gov.