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Looking for a great fitness class where you can get in shape and have fun? We offer classes in aerobics, conditioning, kickboxing, toning, Pilates, Yoga and much more! For more information please see the tabs below or contact Carson Nickell at 410-313-4720 or

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In-Person Fitness Classes

Cardio & Strength

Barre Above

Enjoy a cutting-edge, safe and progressive method of barre training that lengthens and strengthens your muscles and improves your flexibility and posture. This fun class gives you great results!

18 yrs + With Jenni Combs, SCW   Classes: 11

RP8130.103    Gary J Arthur CC Ctr    Oct 2    10:30-11:30am    F    $83


Barre Burn 

Ballet movements combine with fitness exercises for a full-body workout. Sculpt and tone your body while gaining a dancer’s sense of alignment and physical control.

18 yrs + Classes: 11 

RP8282.101    Kinetics Dance Theatre    Sep 15    11:05am-12:05pm    Tu    $132 

18 yrs + Classes: 10   No class 11/25 

RP8282.102     Kinetics Dance Theatre   Sep 16    8:15-9:15pm    W    $120 


Body Conditioning with Cyndi Kummerlowe, AFAA 

Stretch, strengthen and tone your body! This combination class includes 25 minutes of a low-impact cardio workout followed by beneficial strength training.

18 yrs + Classes: 12    No class 11/26 

RP8220.101     Roger Carter Comm Ctr    Sep 10    7:05-8pm    Th   $67 


Cardio Dance with Sandra Duerr, AFAA, NASM 

A fun choreographed dance class that goes from warm-up steps to heart pounding dances, giving you an aerobic workout that helps to sculpt your body and makes you feel good about yourself. No sit ups or repetitions. 

18 yrs + Classes: 10 

RP8225.101    Roger Carter Comm Ctr    Sep 16    11:30am-12:15pm   W or F   $60 

18 yrs + Classes: 20 

RP8225.102    Roger Carter Comm Ctr    Sep 16    11:30am-12:15pm   W,F   $120 


Cardio Fusion with Marianne Larkin, AAAI 

Your favorite cardio and toning formats are combined in one challenging, power-packed workout. The easy-to-follow moves are demonstrated at various intensity levels so you can customize the workout to fit your needs. Pump up your workouts and burn fat with a mix of everything from step, high/ low and interval training to strength, core, balance, and flexibility exercises. 

18 yrs + Classes: 12 

RP8482.101    Gary J Arthur Comm Ctr    Sep 14    9:35-10:50am    M or W    $72 

18 yrs + Classes: 24 

RP8482.102    Gary J Arthur Comm Ctr    Sep 14    9:35-10:50am    M,W    $144 


Cardio Kickboxing with Robin Robinson 

Cardio kickboxing is a group fitness class that combines martial arts techniques with fast-paced cardio dance moves. This high-energy workout challenges the beginner and elite athlete alike. Build stamina, improve coordination and flexibility, and burn calories as you build lean muscle. 

18 yrs + Classes: 8 

RP8551.101    N Laurel Comm Ctr    Sep 22    6:30-7:30pm    Tu   $64 

RP8551.102    N Laurel Comm Ctr    Sep 24    6:30-7:30pm   Th   $64 

18 yrs + Classes: 16 

RP8551.103    N Laurel Comm Ctr    Sep 22    6:30-7:30pm   Tu,Th   $128 


NEW! Triple Threat with Robin Robinson 

Triple Threat is a complete and total body workout but targets three of your most valuable assets... your arms, abs and ace (Gluteus Maximus)! Melt body fat, get a tighter core, toned arms and a firm bottom.

18 yrs + Classes: 8 

RP8551.121    N Laurel Comm Ctr    Sep 22   6-6:30pm   Tu   $56 

RP8551.122    N Laurel Comm Ctr   Sep 24   6-6:30pm    Th   $56 

18 yrs + Classes: 16 

RP8551.123    N Laurel Comm Ctr   Sep 22   6-6:30pm   Tu,Th   $112 


Fit Jam: Cardio Party with Jackie Jones

Think all workouts are boring? Think again! Join this cardio party and dance the night away to the hottest hits from around the globe. Learn the basic steps from salsa, Cumbia, hip-hop and many more dance styles.

18 yrs + Classes: 10   No class 10/12 or 11/23 

RP8350.101   Gary J Arthur Comm Ctr   Sep 14   5:45-6:45pm   M   $95 

18 yrs + Classes: 11   No class 11/26 

RP8350.102   Gary J Arthur Comm Ctr   Sep 17   5:45-6:45pm   Th   $104 


Step & Sculpt with Marianne Larkin, AAAI 

Enjoy an invigorating, fun, medium-to-high-intensity class that has it all. Pump up your cardiovascular fitness and challenge your brain with the latest turbo charged step moves combined with strength, core and balance exercises for a total body workout.

18 yrs +   Gary J Arthur Comm Ctr 

RP8300.111   Sep 15   7-8pm   Tu or Th   $63   Classes: 12 

RP8300.112   Sep 15   7-8pm   Tu,Th   $126   Classes: 24 

18 yrs + 75-Minute Workout   Gary J Arthur Comm Ctr 

RP8300.101   Sep 12   8:30-9:45am   Sa   $81   Classes: 13 


Total Body Tone & Core with Marianne Larkin, AAAI 

This lively total body workout moves to the beat of the music. Burn calories as you flow through a variety of exercises designed to sculpt and tone your body while strengthening your core and improving your balance and flexibility. 

18 yrs + Classes: 12