Hotel/Motel Room Rental Tax

Any visitor who rents a hotel/motel room for no more than 30 consecutive days in Howard County must pay a county room rental tax equal to seven percent (7%) of the rental charge.  

All Federal, Maryland State and Howard County Government personnel on official government business where payment is made by the government are exempt from the tax. Anyone exhibiting an Emergency Housing Exemption Certificate issued by the Director of Finance is exempt from paying the tax.

Each hotel keeper shall collect the tax and remit those collections, along with a completed Room Rental Charge Tax Collection Report no later than the last day of the month for all taxes collected during the previous month.

Interest of one percent (1%) is charged for each month the tax payment is late and a ten percent (10%) penalty is added after one month from the due date.

Mail payment to:
Department of Finance
PO Box 2748
Ellicott City, MD 21041-2748
Make check payable to: Director of Finance, Howard County

Questions regarding the Room Rental Tax Collection Report or payment should be directed to the Miscellaneous Billing Division at 410-313-4087.

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