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Intro to Fencing with the Baltimore Fencing Center (8-12 yrs)

Have you ever dreamed of taking part in a sword fight with real steel swords? Would you like to learn more about the lightning fast Olympic sport of fencing? Work with the highly experienced, professional coaches from Baltimore Fencing Center as they instruct you in this exciting modern sport, based upon the serious swordplay of the past. Instructors use both traditional drilling techniques and games to help students learn basic footwork, bladework and bouting skills.

 Fencing with Tejav Safai (9-14+ yrs)


Have you ever dreamed of wielding a sword like a Musketeer or pirates of the Caribbean? Learn the ancient "Art of the Sword" with the modern sport of fencing in the English tradition of swordplay. Enjoy this individual, as well as family, sport that trains the student physically and mentally while building self-confidence. Novice musketeers learn "En garde", elements of footwork and lunging, basic defenses and simple attacks. Intermediate fencers are introduced to variable footwork in employment of an attack, secondary defensive moves and compound attacks that apply intricate blade and point control for purposeful results. Classes are taught by Certified US Fencing Coaches Association, Teja Safai, who has over 45 years of experience as a fencer and 14 years of coaching experience.