EMPOWER - EliMinate Premature Outcomes With Education and Resources

The EMPOWER Initiative aims to build partnerships in the community to reduce premature birth rates in Howard County. This can be achieved by increasing awareness, educating theEMPOWER Program Rack Card community about the causes of prematurity, and supporting women on what they can do to reduce their risk. For more information about EMPOWER, click on the graphic below.

What is premature birth?

Premature birth is the delivery of an infant prior to 37 weeks of pregnancy and is the #1 cause of death for infants within the first year of life in the United States. Prematurity can also be a predictor of illness and life-long disabilities for infants including breathing and feeding difficulties, developmental delays, and Cerebral Palsy. In Howard County, an average of 329 babies are born premature each year.

Who is affected?

In 2016, the highest preterm birth rate in Howard County was among Asian/Pacific Islander women age 35+. 
Click on the graphic below for more details on who is affected by prematurity in Howard County:

Preterm birth Summary


What are the resources?

The following websites provide helpful information about prematurity. Learn more about how to prevent the causes of premature birth: