Howard County Department of Recreation & Parks, in partnership with the Howard County Office of Emergency Management, has developed a team of professionals to provide coordination and centralized support for volunteers and volunteer groups during a disaster and/or crisis situation resulting from manmade causes or natural disasters. This level of support is provided through the Emergency Volunteer Management Team.

Current Disaster Recovery Volunteer Status

At this time, there are no current Disaster Recovery Volunteer needs.

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I want to volunteer for disaster recovery

Howard County Department of Recreation and Parks is gearing up for the season's potential storms and winter weather by asking people to register as a Disaster Recovery Volunteer. This resource allows you to be contacted if your skills and support are needed during an emergency. 


Request for Volunteers


If you are looking for volunteers to assist with the aftermath of the recent disaster, you're in the right place.

Through Howard County’s Emergency Volunteer Management Team, we are identifying community needs and placing them in queue for when appropriate volunteers become available. We refer volunteers to support community-based organizations in their disaster response and recovery efforts. We are focused on matching volunteers to the needs of our partners in order to maximize the impact of volunteer support.



  • We can't guarantee that all volunteer requests will be filled.


CLICK HERE to submit your information to request volunteers.


VOAD & Agency Collaboration

If your VOAD or agency is interested in collaborating with the Howard County Emergency Volunteer Management Team, please complete the VOAD and Agency Collaboration Form. A team member will contact you to further discuss collaboration and levels of support.

Click here to complete VOAD and Agency Collaboration Form

General Questions or Concerns

Please click here to fill out our Disaster Volunteer General Questions or Concerns form.