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Howard County Recreation and Parks offers cooking programs, camps and workshops for all ages and skill levels. Youth programs and camps focus on a variety of themes and culinary activities. Adult programs feature an assortment of cuisine from around the globe. Programs and camps vary from hands-on to demonstration.



• Info: Adam Wienckowski, 410-313-4714 or


Junior Chefs Camp

New, hands-on cooking activities are perfectly measured for you. Explore food rich in nutrients and flavor by using products free of GMOs, preservatives and dyes. Fresh menus are handpicked and make up a personalized book of recipes to take home. Each session offers healthy eating and teaches new techniques. Every student samples recipes.


Confectionery Camp by Madame Cours de Cuisine

Let’s focus on all things dessert, including cake decorating! Full-day includes a supervised lunch hour. No repeated recipes for full-day students. Sample recipes. Materials fee: $45 for half-day; $90 for full-day. Combine half day camps for a full day.


The Chopping Block! by Madame Cours de Cuisine

Explore cooking techniques used by professional chefs. Work with guests like Nikki Marks, owner of Madame Cours de Cuisine and Mindgrub Café Food Truck, plus other chefs! On Mondays, master the art of preparation (including homemade dumpling and noodle making). On Tuesdays, concentrate on appetizers and canapes. On Wednesdays, focus on salads. On Thursdays, create a main course and other dishes (including comfort foods, casseroles and fancier
Fare). On Fridays, make desserts. Full-day includes a supervised lunch hour.  No repeated recipes for full-day students. Materials fee: $45 for half-day; $90 for full-day. Combine half day camps for a full day.


Cooking Skills for Teen Chefs

Enjoy this six-hour camp! Practice essential skills and master the fundamentals of cooking. Learn new techniques! Refresh knife skills and learn sauce basics. Grill, sauté, braise and roast. Perfect pasta made from scratch! On Friday, face the mystery box challenge. Prerequisite: Must have experience
 with knife skills and some cooking knowledge or have attended a class/camp.We eat what we cook! Receive an apron and a kitchen item to take home.


Cooking Ever After with Club SciKidz

Our favorite children’s stories and fairy tales come to life as we take our favorite stories and tales and bring them to life through cooking. Become a fairy and create Pixie Dust. Read and act out stories and create your own Stone Soup. The Three Little Bears come to life as we create a bear mask and “beary” cute treat. Join the Lost Boys of Peter Pan to create Pirate Ship Pizzas.


The Jurassic Chef: Prehistoric Pantry with Club SciKidz

Travel back in time to the land of Dinosaurs. Learn about the dinosaurs through cooking. Create your very own Dinosaur Footprint Flapjacks. Hatch your own Dinosaur Egg by creating a chemical reaction. Explore the prehistoric era by creating a fossil egg and Dinosaur Dirt. Discover animals locked in time by creating your own Dino DNA Amber Treats.


Cupcake Wars with Club SciKidz

Tie on your apron and prepare for battle! Come learn about the principles of baking. Take these tools to the kitchen as you compete in a different cupcake baking challenge each day. Begin with the basics and by the end of the week make cupcakes and frosting from scratch. Some of our challenge themes include a Patriotic theme, Summer Fun and a Movie theme. Prepare to get creative and enjoy the journey before you. $15 materials fee.


Culinary Creations with Club SciKidz

Come join us for a week of Culinary Creations! Focus on a new theme each day. For example, travel under the sea to learn about various sea creatures and make Octopus Cupcakes. Travel back to land and learn about insects and bugs by making Lady Bug Cookies and a healthy snack like Vegetable Bugs. Enjoy learning about our world while learning new and fun recipes.


NEW! The Cosmic Cookhouse with Club SciKidz

Blast off into space with this brand-new camp. Learn about our cosmos through delectable treats and crafts. Bake and create Space Rocks from scratch! Identify constellations and bake Constellation Cookies. Create Cosmic cupcakes from scratch and decorate it with an alien on top!


The Kitchen Chemist with Club SciKidz

In this camp, the kitchen becomes a scientific laboratory where you are both a scientist and chef. Learn about chemical reactions. Create delicious chemical reactions and taste your creations. Use food to demonstrate chemical reactions that occur in cooking. Learn about electricity with Lemon Clocks.Learn about explosions and bake erupting lava cakes.


Delectable Desserts with Club SciKidz

Step into the kitchen and get ready to make delicious desserts. Chefs, come measure, mix, roll, and bake while learning new recipes that won’t disappoint.Make and learn a variety of skills useful in making desserts. Create cupcakesfrom scratch! Test your culinary skills and best of all, taste the results!


Nailed It with Club SciKidz

Just like in the TV show, each day you are given a culinary task to recreate. You are provided with the inspiration and the recipe to recreate the masterpiece.Use your creativity and resourcefulness in the kitchen to make a masterpiece. Can your “Nail It?” Some examples of what you will be recreating include Minion Cupcakes and homemade hamburger cakes. $15 materials fee.


School of Culinary Wizardry with Club SciKidz

Join Harry in the kitchen and try your hand at some magical and mystical culinary creations. Your adventure begins with the Sorting Hat cupcakes and choosing and creating your magic wand. Continue to Hogsmead and create Butterbeer and Golden Snitch Truffles. What magical spells will you use in your creations? (The Ministry of Magic will undoubtedly enjoy your treats!)





To register, call 410-313-7275 or Register Online.

Check back for fall programs.



To register, call 410-313-7275 or Register Online.

Check back for fall programs.



To register, call 410-313-7275 or Register Online.

For more info: Danielle Bassett, Recreation Manager: 410-313-4634 or

Full listing of current Adult Programs (18 yrs +): 

Inclusion Services

Howard County Recreation and Parks strives to make programs available to all individuals with disabilities and complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  Inclusion Services provides a variety of supports to individuals with disabilities who choose to participate in any recreation program or class offered by the department. Inclusion accommodations may include financial assistance, accessibility, companions, additional training, medical, and interpretive services for the deaf or hearing impaired.

Individuals with disabilities are encouraged to register for general recreation programs of their choice. Howard County Recreation and Parks Department has developed an inclusion process to better accommodate citizens with disabilities. To ensure that we meet your program needs, please call 410-313-4628 or 410-313-4708 at least two weeks before the program begins.

The Inclusion Process:
Look through the brochure and find a class or program you like.
Register for the program. Let us know what you need to participate on the registration form or when you call to the person taking the registration.
Examples may include effective communication for the deaf or hearing impaired, improved signage, activity modification, additional staff training, companions, accessible equipment and facility features, and/or individualized planning for program or class participation. 
Therapeutic Recreation Staff will contact you to discuss strategies for inclusion and to offer an opportunity to share additional accommodation information. You will be asked to complete this confidential survey to help us better serve you.

Each request is assessed on an individual case by case basis. Additional information may be needed to address the request.
Modifications or accommodations will be made as needed.

Companion Services are not guaranteed.

Come live, learn, and choose your fun!

Contact Us

To register, call 410-313-7275 or Register Online.


Preschool: Cindy Ochs, Recreation Supervisor: 410-313-4681 or

Youth: Melissa Calleri, Recreation Supervisor: 410-313-4721 or

Adult: Danielle Bassett, Recreation Manager: 410-313-4634 or


Financial Assistance is available by application on an individual basis. Please call 410-313-4659 for details.