The Howard County Public Facilities & Spaces Commission was established by Executive Order in 2022. The Commission will utilize the Public Spaces Commission Report released last year to recommend if names of public facilities and spaces in Howard County should be changed after collecting community feedback.

Commission Information
Commission Responsibilities

The Commission will complete their work over the next 18 months. Members of the commission will be responsible for:

  • Review the Public Spaces Commission Report, issued on November 5, 2021;
  • Complete and implement a strategic plan to obtain community feedback on the Report;
  • Create a plan to review names, locations obtained from community feedback;
  • Review public spaces that were not reviewed by the previous Commission;
  • Make recommendations based on the rubric created by the previous Commission and evaluate and propose changes to the rubric, as needed and
  • Make recommendations based on community feedback.
Commission Members

The Commission will present its findings and recommendations to the County Executive by October 15, 2023. Marlena Jareaux and Wayne Davis will serve as co-chairs, and the following community members were appointed to the Commission:

  • Claudia Allen
  • Ani Begay
  • Denise Boston
  • Debbie Costley
  • Dhaval Shah
  • Duana Li
  • Ellen Flynn Giles
  • Falgun Patel
  • Jean Lewis
  • Allison Jessing
  • John Milton Wesley
  • Kelly Palich
  • Kim Eggborn
  • Margaret Goodlin
  • Marlena Jareaux
  • Towanda Brown
  • Wayne Davis
  • Zana Watson
  • Zunaira Awan
Resources Material from previous Commission (2021)
Meeting Agendas & Minutes/Recordings

Howard County Public Spaces Commission

June 13, 2022 @ 6PM

Hybrid/& Live Columbia/Ellicott Room

3430 Courthouse Drive, Ellicott City, MD 21043/

Virtual Via Webex

Link for meeting



  1. Welcome
  2. Introduction of Chairs
  3. Commission Members Introductions
  4. Review Purpose
  5. Meeting date/time discussion & confirmation
  6. Set-next steps
  7. Adjournment

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