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Howard County Recreation & Parks offers preschool programs, camps and one day specials. Help your child get ready for Kindergarten. Follow this progression of classes that help your child’s social and emotional skills (you can start at any stage of this school-readiness program). More of Maryland children are school ready when they enter Kindergarten. Make sure your child is one of them.


Tots Discovery Summertime Fun

Is your two-year-old ready for a more challenging environment? This program provides enriching, positive experiences that allow children to have fun, explore the world around them and learn how to get along with others. Emphasis is on learning through play and building a foundation for a preschool experience. Thematic lessons are developmentally appropriate. Fee includes snack. Participants must be two years old by June 22, 2020.


Preschool Adventures Mini Camp

Come join the adventure! Enjoy an exciting, physically active and well-rounded experience. Enriching activities include story time, music, arts and crafts, along with sports-specific activities (including basketball, soccer, football and other preschool games) in the gym.


My First School Summertime Adventures

This camp is designed to help children make a successful transition to an independent experience. Children can develop social skills while exploring the alphabet, games, music, movement and art with a different theme each week. Fee includes snack. Staff members do not change diapers.


Animal Adventures from A to Z

Come join the adventure into the wonderful world of animals through stories, arts and crafts and music. Develop early literacy skills, including letter recognition, letter-sound relationships, listening and reading comprehension, and other important early literacy skills. Fee includes snack.


Super Hero Camp

POW! BAM! Calling all Superheroes! Expand your imagination and become the ultimate superhero. Learn your true role in saving humanity, discover superpowers, choose a proper superhero name, learn how to spot a super villain, and more! Create your own superhero cape and mask to add to the fun! Fee includes snack.


Kindergarten Jump Start

This specialized academic program provides a unique summer experience and a jump start to kindergarten. The camp is designed for children who have completed at least one year in a preschool program and will enter kindergarten in the fall of 2020. Daily activities include writing, reading and math-readiness skills. Activities support school curriculum goals and encourage socialization and independence. Special summer themes and activities make the learning even more fun! Must be 5 years old by 9/2020.


Little Scientist Camp

Explore science in the world around us! Little scientists participate in experiments and record observations in their very own scientific journals! Make a volcano and watch it erupt. Learn about the life cycle of a caterpillar. Discover through water play which things sink and which float.


Mighty Mathematicians Camp

Math is more fun when experimenting and playing. Explore math concepts through sorting, patterning, counting, graphing and measuring. Have a ball with gumballs, graph with marshmallows, explore terrific tangrams and learn basic addition and subtraction. Manipulatives are incorporated to help. This preschool experience be meaningful and stimulating. Math related art projects add to the fun!l


Junior Scientist Camp I

Explore outer space and the ocean! Have you ever wondered how craters are made? Or where sand in the ocean comes from? Want to take a trip to the moon? Learn about the stars, the moon, the planets and the sun. Discover which mysterious creatures live in the ocean. Make your own moon rock, make an ocean in a bottle, and go on a shell hunt.


Junior Scientist Camp II

Explore the worlds of dinosaurs and bugs! Learn how a caterpillar becomes a butterfly, go on a dinosaur egg hunt, create a fossil, and become a paleontologist. Put together dinosaur bones and learn about different types of prehistoric creatures. Make dirt cups and learn how to classify arachnids and spiders.


Junior Discoveries

Uncover the possibilities! Join a new adventure each week! Sign up for one week or fill your summer with discovery by enrolling in all six sessions.Explore animals and learn about their homes, be a junior astronaut and investigate the galaxy, create hands-on messy discoveries and use your senses to explore, travel back in time to the land of dinosaurs, or discover the mysteries of the ocean. Activities include games, science and nature projects, creative arts, learning centers, music and outdoor play.







Classes start again in September.
Please click on the “Camps” tab to see what great camps we have over the summer!



Classes start again in September.
Please click on the “Camps” tab to see what great camps we have over the summer!

One Day Specials

Classes start again in September.
Please click on the “Camps” tab to see what great camps we have over the summer!

Inclusion Services

Howard County Recreation and Parks strives to make programs available to all individuals with disabilities and complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  Inclusion Services provides a variety of supports to individuals with disabilities who choose to participate in any recreation program or class offered by the department. Inclusion accommodations may include financial assistance, accessibility, companions, additional training, medical, and interpretive services for the deaf or hearing impaired.

Individuals with disabilities are encouraged to register for general recreation programs of their choice. Howard County Recreation and Parks Department has developed an inclusion process to better accommodate citizens with disabilities. To ensure that we meet your program needs, please call 410-313-4628 or 410-313-4708 at least two weeks before the program begins.

The Inclusion Process:
Look through the brochure and find a class or program you like.
Register for the program. Let us know what you need to participate on the registration form or when you call to the person taking the registration.
Examples may include effective communication for the deaf or hearing impaired, improved signage, activity modification, additional staff training, companions, accessible equipment and facility features, and/or individualized planning for program or class participation. 
Therapeutic Recreation Staff will contact you to discuss strategies for inclusion and to offer an opportunity to share additional accommodation information. You will be asked to complete this confidential survey to help us better serve you.

Each request is assessed on an individual case by case basis. Additional information may be needed to address the request.
Modifications or accommodations will be made as needed.

Companion Services are not guaranteed.

Come live, learn, and choose your fun!

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Financial Assistance is available by application on an individual basis. Please call 410-313-4659 for details.