Howard County Office Directory

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Aging and Independence, Office on 
MD Access Point 410-313-1234 Aging, Office on
Main Office 410-313-6410 Aging, Office on
Agricultural Preservation 
Main Office 410-313-5407 Agricultural Preservation
Animal Control 
Main Office 410-313-2780 Animal Control
Appeals Board 
Main Office 410-313-2395 Appeals Board
Main Office 410-480-7940 (local)/410-767-1184 Assessments
Board of Elections 
Main Office 410-313-5820 Board of Elections
Main Office 410-313-6521 BRAC
Main Office 410-313-2077 Budget
Building Inspections 
Main Office 410-313-1810 Building Inspections
Business Resource Ctr. 
Main Office 410-313-6550 Business Resource Ctr.
Cable TV Inquiries 
Main Office 410-313-3318 Cable TV Inquiries
Child Advocacy Center 
Main Office 410-313-2630 Child Advocacy Center
Child Protective Services 
Main Office 410-872-8700 Child Protective Services
Child Support 
Main Office 410-872-8700 Child Support
Children's Resource Center 
Main Office 410-313-1940 Children's Resource Center
Children and Families, Office of 
Main Office 410-313-1940 Children's Services
Circuit Court House 
Clerk's Office (Dorsey Bldg) 410-313-2111 Circuit Court House
Land Records/Deeds 410-313-5850 Circuit Court House
Law Library 410-313-2135 Circuit Court House
Jury Duty Information 410-313-4462 Circuit Court House
Main Office 410-313-2111 Circuit Court House
Community Resources and Services 
Main Office 410-313-6400 Citizen Services
Community Action 
Main Office 410-313-6440 Community Action
Commuter Assistance Solutions 
Main Office 410-313-3130 Commuter Assistance Solutions
Comptroller of the Treasury-Income Tax Division 
Main Office 410-260-7980 Comptroller of the Treasury-Income Tax Division
Consumer Protection, Office of 
Main Office 410-313-6420 Consumer Affairs
Cooperative Extension 
Main Office 410-313-2707 Cooperative Extension
Main Office 410-313-5200 Corrections
County Administration 
Budget Office 410-313-2077 County Administration
Office Of Human Rights 410-313-6430 County Administration
Public Information Office 410-313-2022 County Administration
Purchasing Office 410-313-6370 County Administration
Risk Management 410-313-6390 County Administration
Transportation 410-313-1655 County Administration
Workforce Development 410-290-2620 County Administration
Main Office 410-313-2020 County Administration
County Auditor 
Main Office 410-313-2005 County Auditor
County Council 
Main Office 410-313-2001 County Council
County Executive 
Main Office 410-313-2013 County Executive
Detention Center 
Main Office 410-313-5200 Detention Center
Disabilities Services 
Main Office 410-313-6402 Disabilities Services
District Court #10 
Howard County Judges 410-480-7706 District Court #10
Administrative Clerk 410-480-7710 District Court #10
Civil 410-480-7704 District Court #10
Commissioners 410-480-7720 District Court #10
Criminal 410-480-7705 District Court #10
Traffic 410-480-7705 District Court #10
Main Office 410-480-7700 District Court #10
DORS (Columbia) 
Main Office 410-290-2640 DORS (Columbia)
Drunk Driving Monitor (DDMP) 
Main Office 410-480-7800 Drunk Driving Monitor (DDMP)
Economic Development 
Main Office 410-313-6500 Economic Development
Education, Department of 
Main Office 410-313-6600 Education, Department of
Elections, Board of 
Main Office 410-313-5820 Elections, Board of
Electrical Inspections 
Main Office 410-313-1820 Electrical Inspections
Employment Services(State) 
Main Office 410-290-2600 Employment Services(State)
Energy Assistance 
Main Office 410-313-6446 Energy Assistance
Environmental Services 
Main Office 410-313-6444 Environmental Services
Environmental Sustainability 
Main Office 410-313-0700 Environmental Sustainability
Extension Service 
Agriculture and Natural Resources 410-313-2707 Extension Service
4-H and Youth 410-313-2707 Extension Service
Family and Consumer Science 410-313-2707 Extension Service
Home and Garden Info 1-800-342-2507 Extension Service
Master Gardener 410-313-1913 Extension Service
Main Office 410-313-2707 Extension Service
Bond Information 410-313-2091 Finance
Business Licenses 410-313-4083 Finance
Cashier 410-313-2195 Finance
Director Of Finance 410-313-2195 Finance
Homeowners Credit Application – SDAT 410-767-4433 Finance
Miscellaneous Billings - Accounts Receivable 410-313-2215 Finance
Property Assessment – SDAT 410-480-7940 Finance
Real Property Tax Bills and Payments 410-313-2062 Finance
Rental Meters and Shared Septic 410-313-2061 Finance
Tax or Lien Certificates 410-313-2389 Finance
Taxpayer Services 410-313-2062 Finance
Tax Sale 410-313-3196 Finance
Water and Sewer Billing 410-313-2058 Finance
Trash Pick Up and Recycling 410-313-6444 Finance
Main Office 410-313-2195 Finance
Business Taxes/Taxpayer Serv. 410-313-4083 Finance
Cashier 410-313-4084 Finance
Parking Violations 1-877-319-1990 Finance
Tax Credits Energy 410-313-3196 Finance
Tax Credits Senior 410-313-4076 Finance
Water/Sewer Assessments 410-313-2061 Finance
Accounts Payable 410-313-2055 Finance
Fire and Rescue Services 
Fire Marshall 410-313-6040 Fire and Rescue Services
Emergency Management 410-313-6030 Fire and Rescue Services
EMERGENCY 911 Fire and Rescue Services
Main Office 410-313-6000 Fire and Rescue Services
Food Bank 
Main Office 410-313-6185 Food Bank
Food Stamps (Soc. Svcs) 
Main Office 410-872-8700 Food Stamps (Soc. Svcs)
Headstart Program 
Main Office 410-313-6443 Headstart Program
Health Department 
Toll Free Number 1-866-313-6300 Health Department
After-Hours Emergencies 410-313-2929 Health Department
Access to Care 410-313-5845 Health Department
Behavioral Health 410-313-6202 Health Department
Columbia Health Center 410-313-6109 Health Department
Child Health and Immunizations 410-313-7500 Health Department
WIC 410-313-7510 Health Department
Maryland Childrens Health Program (MCHP) 410-313-5895 Health Department
Tobacco Prevention 410-313-6265 Health Department
Cancer Prevention 410-313-4255 Health Department
Adult Evaluation Review Services (AERS) 410-313-6541 Health Department
Food Protection Program 410-313-1772 Health Department
Community Hygiene Program 410-313-1773 Health Department
Well and Septic Program 410-313-1771 Health Department
Healthy Howard Initiative 410-988-3737 Health Department
Main Office 410-313-6300 Health Department
Housing and Community Development 
Service Office 410-313-6320 Housing and Community Development
Section 8 410-313-6320 Housing and Community Development
Public Housing Mgmt.(Hilltop) 410-313-6318 Housing and Community Development
Main Office 410-313-6320 Housing and Community Development
Howard Community College 
General Information 443-518-1000 Howard Community College
Gvt. Programming (GTV) - see Cable TV   Howard Community College
President's Office 443-518-1820 Howard Community College
Public Relations and Marketing 443-518-4810 Howard Community College
Information Welcome Center 443-518-4856 Howard Community College
Theater Box Office 443-518-4900 Howard Community College
Main Office 443-518-1000 Howard Community College
Howard County Arts Council
Main Office 410-313-2787 Howard Transit/HT Ride
Howard Transit/HT Ride 
Commuter Solutions 410-313-3130 Howard Transit/HT Ride
Main Office 1-800-270-9553 Howard Transit/HT Ride
Human Resources 
Job line 410-313-4460 Human Resources
Main Office 410-313-2033 Human Resources
Human Rights Office 
Main Office 410-313-6430 Human Rights Office
Income Tax-MD Comptroller 
Main Office 410-260-7980 Income Tax-MD Comptroller
Information Gvt. Services 
Main Office 410-313-3000 Information Gvt. Services
Inspections, Licenses and Permits 
General Permits Related Information 410-313-2455 Inspections, Licenses and Permits
Electrical Licensing Information 410-313-2455 Inspections, Licenses and Permits
Inspections and Enforcement Division 410-313-1823 Inspections, Licenses and Permits
Automated Inspection Requests 410-313-3800 Inspections, Licenses and Permits
Building and Fire Protection Requests 410-313-1810 Inspections, Licenses and Permits
Electrical Inspections Requests 410-313-1820 Inspections, Licenses and Permits
Plumbing and Mechanical Inspections Requests 410-313-1840 Inspections, Licenses and Permits
Rental Housing and Signs Inspections Requests 410-313-1830 Inspections, Licenses and Permits
Mechanical Inspection 410-313-1850 Inspections, Licenses and Permits
Taxi 410-313-1830 Inspections, Licenses and Permits
Main Office 410-313-2455 Inspections, Licenses and Permits
Juvenile Justice 
Main Office 410-480-7878 Juvenile Justice
Land Records 
Main Office 410-313-5850 Land Records
Landfill, Marriottsville Rd. 
Main Office 410-313-6444 Landfill, Marriottsville Rd.
Law, Office of 
Main Office 410-313-2100 Law, Office of
Legal Aid (District Court) 
Main Office 410-480-1057 Legal Aid (District Court)
Legislative Coordination 
Main Office 410-313-2164 Legislative Coordination
Library, Howard County 
Central Branch 410-313-7850 Library, Howard County
East Columbia 410-313-7700 Library, Howard County
Elkridge Branch 410-313-5077 Library, Howard County
Glenwood 410-313-5577 Library, Howard County
Miller Branch 410-313-1950 Library, Howard County
Savage Branch 410-880-5975 Library, Howard County
Main Office 410-313-7750 Library, Howard County
Licenses and Permits 
Board of License Commissioners(Liquor Board) 410-313-2008 Licenses and Permits
Building and Plumb. Permits 410-313-2455 Licenses and Permits
Childcare Licenses 410-750-8711 Licenses and Permits
Electrical Permits 410-313-2455 Licenses and Permits
Marriage, Trader, Notary and Business Contractors 410-313-5850 Licenses and Permits
Rental Housing Licenses 410-313-2455 Licenses and Permits
Solicitor/Peddler Licenses 410-313-6420 Licenses and Permits
Animal Licenses 410-313-2455 Licenses and Permits
Maryland Access Point 
Main Office 410-313-1234 Maryland Access Point
Maryland Gov. Info. 
Main Office 1-877-634-6361 Maryland Gov. Info.
Maryland Relay 
Main Office 711 Maryland Relay
Master for Juvenile Causes 
Main Office 410-313-4857 Master for Juvenile Causes
Master in Chancery 
Main Office 410-313-4857 Master in Chancery
Mechanical Inspections 
Main Office 410-313-1850 Mechanical Inspections
Medical Assistance 
Main Office 410-872-8700 Medical Assistance
Monitor (DDMP) 
Main Office 410-480-7800 Monitor (DDMP)
Main Office 1-800-950-1682 MVA
Office Of Law 
Main Office 410-313-2101 Office Of Law
Office Of Transportation 
Main Office 410-313-0702 Office Of Transportation
Orphans Court 
Main Office 410-313-2133 Orphans Court
Parking Violations 
Main Office 1-877-319-1990 Parking Violations
Parole and Probation 
Main Office 410-480-7920 Parole and Probation
Planning and Zoning 
Agricultural Preservation 410-313-2350 Planning and Zoning
Environmental and Community Planning 410-313-2350 Planning and Zoning
Historic Preservation 410-313-2350 Planning and Zoning
Land Development 410-313-2350 Planning and Zoning
Public Service and Zoning Administration 410-313-2350 Planning and Zoning
Transportation Planning. 410-313-2350 Planning and Zoning
Main Office 410-313-2350 Planning and Zoning
Police Department 
Southern District 410-313-3700 Police Department
Alternate Emergency Number 410-313-2911 Police Department
Non-Emergencies 410-313-2200 Police Department
Administrative 410-313-2300 Police Department
Animal Control 410-313-2780 Police Department
James N. Robey Public Safety Training Center 410-313-1364 Police Department
General Information 410-313-3200 Police Department
Anonymous Tips 410-313-7867 Police Department
Drug Activity Tip Line 410-290-3784 Police Department
Recruitment 410-313-4273 Police Department
Volunteering 410-313-2255 Police Department
Auxiliary Program 410-313-4789 Police Department
Traffic 410-313-4750 Police Department
Victim Assistance 410-313-3712 Police Department
Domestic Violence 410-313-3741 Police Department
Public Affairs/Media Line 410-313-2236 Police Department
Internal Affairs 410-313-5800 Police Department
Records 410-313-2250 Police Department
Youth Services 410-313-2620 Police Department
Senior Liaison 410-313-2207 Police Department
Rapid Return 410-313-3738 Police Department
Multi-Cutural Liaison 410-313-2207 Police Department
Spanish Language Line 410-313-2200 Police Department
Police Foundation 410-313-4600 Police Department
Automated Enforcement 410-313-3216 Police Department
Kids In Safety Seats 410-313-6090 Police Department
Citizens Police Academy 410-313-1364 Police Department
Home Security Surveys 410-313-4795 Police Department
EMERGENCY 911 Police Department
Northern District (Ellicott City) 410-313-3200 Police Department
Public Affairs 410-313-2236 Police Department
Redlight 410-313-3216 Police Department
Special Events Permits 410-313-4750 Police Department
Speed Camera 410-313-5770 Police Department
Main Office 410-313-3200 Police Department
Public Defender 
Main Office 410-480-7777 Public Defender
Public Information 
Main Office 410-313-2022 Public Information


Public Works 
Bureau Of Facilities 410-313-2700 Public Works
Bureau Of Highways 410-313-7450 Public Works
Bureau Of Utilities 410-313-4900 Public Works
Capital Projects 410-313-1880 Public Works
Construction Inspection 410-313-1880 Public Works
Customer Service Line 410-313-3440 Public Works
Engineering 410-313-2414 Public Works
Survey Division 410-313-2417 Public Works
Transp. and Special Projects 410-313-2014 Public Works
Traffic Engineering 410-313-2430 Public Works
Utility Design 410-313-2040 Public Works
Highway Maintenance 410-313-7450 Public Works
Real Estate Services 410-313-2330 Public Works
Refuse Collection 410-313-6444 Public Works
Sediment Control and Grading 410-313-1855 Public Works
Utilities (Water/Sewer) 410-313-4900 Public Works
Waste Management(Env. Serv.) 410-313-6444 Public Works
Water Reclamation Plant 410-880-5810 Public Works
Main Office 410-313-4400 Public Works


Main Office 410-313-6370 Purchasing
Recreation and Parks 
Inclement Weather 410-313-4451 Recreation and Parks
Gary J. Arthur Community Ctr 410-313-4840 Recreation and Parks
Program Info. and Registration 410-313-7275 Recreation and Parks
Pavilion Reservations 410-313-4682 Recreation and Parks
Indoor Facility Reservations 410-313-4682 Recreation and Parks
Kiwanis-Wallas Hall 410-313-2636 Recreation and Parks
Roger Carter Neighborhood Ctr. 410-313-2764 Recreation and Parks
Meadowbrook Athletic Ctr. 410-313-1161 Recreation and Parks
North Laurel Community Ctr 410-313-0390 Recreation and Parks
Robinson Nature Ctr 410-313-0400 Recreation and Parks
Inclement Weather - Sports 410-313-4451 Recreation and Parks
All other R and P Programs 410-313-4452 Recreation and Parks
Alpha Ridge Park 410-313-4372 Recreation and Parks
Cedar Lane Park 410-313-4453 Recreation and Parks
Centennial Park 410-313-4454 Recreation and Parks
Rockburn Branch Park 410-313-4455 Recreation and Parks
Savage Park 410-313-4456 Recreation and Parks
Schooley Mill Park 410-313-4458 Recreation and Parks
Other ball fields 410-313-4457 Recreation and Parks
Main Office 410-313-4700 Recreation and Parks
Recycling Information 
Main Office 410-313-6444 Recycling Information
Register of Wills 
Main Office 410-313-2133 Register of Wills
Rehabilitation Services (DORS) 
Main Office 410-290-2640 Rehabilitation Services (DORS)
Risk Management 
Main Office 410-313-6390 Risk Management
Senior Centers 
East Columbia 50+ Center 410-313-7680 Senior Centers
Elkridge Senior Center 410-313-5192 Senior Centers
Ellicott City Senior Center 410-313-1400 Senior Centers
Ellicott City Senior Center + 410-313-1425 Senior Centers
Glenwood 50+ Ctr. 410-313-5440 Senior Centers
Glenwood Sr. Ctr + 410-313-5442 Senior Centers
Longwood Senior Center 410-313-7217 Senior Centers
North Laurel Senior Center 410-313-0380 Senior Centers
North Laurel Senior Center + 410-313-7218 Senior Centers
Sr. Info. and Assistance. (MAP) 410-313-1234 Senior Centers
TTY (MD Relay) 711 Senior Centers
Bain Center 410-313-7213 Senior Centers
Domestic Violence Advocate 410-313-4012 Sheriff
Domestic Violence Unit 410-313-7554 Sheriff
Duty Officer 410-313-4150 Sheriff
Education and Training Section 410-313-4210 Sheriff
Landlord / Tenant Section 410-313-4222 Sheriff
Research and Planning Section 410-313-4201 Sheriff
Service Of Process 410-313-4168 Sheriff
Warrant / Fugitive Section 410-314-4174 Sheriff
Main Office 410-313-2150 Sheriff
Signs (Inspec. and Code info.) 
Main Office 410-313-1830 Signs (Inspec. and Code info.)
Small Claims Court 
Main Office 410-480-7700 Small Claims Court
Social Security 
Main Office 1-800-772-1213 Social Security
Social Services 
MD Office General Info. 1-800-332-6347 Social Services
Food Stamps 410-872-8700 Social Services
Main Office 410-872-8700 Social Services
Soil Conservation 
Main Office 410-489-7987 Soil Conservation
Solicitor/Peddler Licenses 
Main Office 410-313-6420 Solicitor/Peddler Licenses
State's Attorney 
District Court Division 410-313-3100 State's Attorney
Juvenile Division 410-313-2142 State's Attorney
Drug And Alcohol Diversion Program 410-313-3017 State's Attorney
Main Office 410-313-2108 State's Attorney
States Attorney 
Circuit Court 410-313-2108 States Attorney
Substance Abuse Services 
Main Office 410-313-6202 Substance Abuse Services
Support Enforcement, Child 
Main Office 410-872-8700 Support Enforcement, Child
Tax Assessment 
Main Office 410-480-7940 Tax Assessment
Tax Bills and Collection(Property) 
Main Office 410-313-2062 Tax Bills and Collection(Property)
Technology and Communications 
Help Desk 410-313-2095 Technology and Communications
GIS 410-313-2095 Technology and Communications
Main Office 410-313-3500 Technology and Communications
Tourism Office 
Main Office 410-313-1900 Tourism Office
Unemployment Comp. 
Glen Burnie 410-368-5300 Unemployment Comp.
Baltimore 410-949-0022 Unemployment Comp.
US Postal Service 
Main Office 1-800-275-8777 US Postal Service
Utilities, Bureau of 
Main Office 410-313-4900 Utilities, Bureau of
Vocational Rehabilitation 
Main Office 410-290-2640 Vocational Rehabilitation
Voter Information 
Main Office 410-313-5820 Voter Information
Washington Suburban Area 
Dept. of Education 301-621-4243 Washington Suburban Area
Other Government 301-621-4300 Washington Suburban Area
Dept. of Education 410-992-8600 Washington Suburban Area
Water/Sewer Bills 
Main Office 410-313-2058 Water/Sewer Bills
Water/Sewer Emergency 
after 5:00pm 410-313-2929 Water/Sewer Emergency
Main Office 410-313-4900 Water/Sewer Emergency
Welfare Assistance 
Main Office 410-872-8700 Welfare Assistance
Western Howard County 
Other Government 410-489-4400 Western Howard County
Dept. of Education 410-489-5424 Western Howard County
Workforce Development Office 
Main Office 410-290-2620 Workforce Development Office
Zoning Board 
Main Office 410-313-2395 Zoning Board
Zoning Enforcement 
Main Office 410-313-2350 Zoning Enforcement
Workers Comp. (MD) 
Main Office 410-864-5100 Workers Comp. (MD)

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