Robinson Nature Center Home School Participant Materials

Materials on this page are updated throughout the school year to include:

Please check back each month for materials you would like to access.

To preview 2019-2020 home school class offerings, click here. Registration opens for all seasons (Fall 2019, Winter 2020 & Spring 2020) on June 5, 2019 for Howard County residents and June 12, 2019 for non-residents.

Home School Calendar 2019-2020

Forms & Policies

  • Each participant enrolled in the home school program must read and agree to abide by the Code of Conduct.
  • Each season, a Participant Information Form must be filled out for each child participating in homeschool classes. The form should be brought to the first class of the season.

What to expect:

  • Sign-In/Sign-Out - Please know that you, or the parent/guardian responsible for your child, must walk the child to class each month and sign the child into class. At pick up you, or the parent/guardian responsible for your child, must sign your child out of class before leaving with the child. 
  • Younger siblings - Younger siblings are welcome to join an older sibling's class, but the parent/guardian responsible for the sibling must monitor them at all times and remove them if they become disruptive. Siblings are welcome to observe activities, but - out of fairness to enrolled participants - are not permitted to participate.
  • Options for parents - While your child is in class, you’re welcome to sit in on the class, leave the Nature Center and return for pick-up at 4 PM, or relax, socialize and network with other parents in our “Parent Lounge”. The Parent Lounge is located in the south end of the Auditorium. The lounge opens directly into the room for the 4-5 year old class. The lounge contains tables, chairs, small games or blocks for younger siblings, books and literature pertaining to the class topic, and information about upcoming programs.  Please assist your child in cleaning up toys before leaving. 
  • Photography - From time to time, you may notice a photographer in the home school class or workshop. When enrolling in the program, all participants must agree to the Howard County Recreation & Parks waiver that allows Recreation & Parks to photograph its programs and use those photos for marketing purposes. However, if you are a parent that is uncomfortable with the idea of your child's image being used in a printed brochure about the program or in any other marketing material about the program, please simply notify a staff member of your child/children's name, so that we may remove your child from any photos that might be used for marketing.  

Fall 2018 Info & Certificates
Winter 2018-19 Info & Certificates
Spring 2019 Info & Certificates