Park App

Howard County Department of Recreation and Parks released the HoCo Parks App, an interactive mobile app that showcases Howard County’s more than 50 parks and enhances your experience with several helpful features.

The app is free and available to download for free on smart phones or tablets at the iTunes or Google Play store by searching “HoCo Parks.” 

Features include:

  • Location services – find the closest parks and amenities, including playgrounds, trails, pavilions, historic sites, and bathrooms. Save your location to easily retrace your steps (Apple only)
  • Park information – read about park information and what each park has to offer
  • Maps, trail elevations and distances – find your way through parks to find amenities, and view trails and trail information such as lengths and elevations
  • Call a park ranger – if in need of assistance, call a park ranger with the touch of a button
  • View park rules and regulations – open a PDF for information on park rules and regulations

Let the HoCo Parks app help you get outside and get active! Download the app today in the iPhone app store or Google Play store.

park app