Howard County 2019 Priority Letter

Howard County has finalized its update of the County’s list of transportation priorities for the Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT)'s FY 2019-2024 Consolidated Transportation Program. The list, also known as the Priority Letter, was developed based on input from the public, county staff as well as elected and appointed officials. The update was sent to the Maryland Secretary of Transportation, along with project questionnaires. In addition, a number of the projects in the Priority Letter were also entered into the Chapter 30 Scoring System, a system for evaluating large projects, generally $5 million or more, that add either road capacity or new transit lines.

Following receipt of the letter and the scores, the Maryland Department of Transportation will evaluate the projects in the letter to assist the state in updating the Consolidated Transportation Program (CTP) a six-year capital budget for State transportation projects.

The CTP includes capital projects that are generally new, expanded or significantly improved facility or service that may involve planning, environmental studies, design, right-of-way acquisition, construction or the purchase of essential equipment related to the facility or service.