Children’s Mental Health Matters May 2019


Children's Mental Health Packet 2019


Help spread mental health awareness and develop family engagement with your community. 

Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week is May 5-11

Reminder for what will you need to do:
- Have anywhere from one classroom up to the whole school do the short activities provided
- Send home emails (preferred) or letters to include families in mental health activities and information 
- Post information and resources in your lobby
- Consider taking pictures to share with the OCF team how activities are being implemented at your site (those that share pictures will be entered into a drawing for a free onsite parent workshop)
- Complete a follow up survey that will be sent to you after the event
Email or call your CARE Center consultant with any additional questions.

Resources and materials to print and display or hand out:

Invitation to attend Resilience Film Screening

High Low Buffalo Lobby Chart and Hi Low Buffalo Instructions

Mental Health Campaign Poster

Mental Health Calendar for May 

Early Childhood Mental Health Fact Sheets (Tips for Families/Tips for Educators)

Resilience, A Strength Based Approach to Good Mental Health Poster

Social Emotional Resources from Too Small to Fail (Feelings Poster)

Children's Mental Health Matters Early Childhood Booklist 

For Families:

Poster for families to attend a free Family Institute parenting workshop

Talk With Me * Howard County

Raising Happy, Healthy Children Brochure

Healthy in Mind and Body Brochure 


The CARE Line Free Information, Referral and Education Call Line  

Choose2BKIND bumper magnet

For Teachers or Teacher Lounge:

Self-­Care for Caregivers & Teachers in Stressful Times                                                        

*Posters should be displayed in prominent areas for parents to see.   

5 DAYS of Children’s Mental Health Activities:  Start with Parent Intro Letter week before

Letters for families are recommended for email distribution since there are live links that for interactive information. Copy and paste the parent letters provided into an email body and include any additional center specific information. Print handouts for parents that prefer paper. Posting letters for the week at the message board will show parents what emails to expect.


How Kind! by Mary Murphy

Day 1: Theme: Kindness

Lesson Plan: Kindness
Book: How Kind! by Mary Murphy
Activity: Making a kindness jar
Handouts: Kindness jar labels
Parent Email: Kindness
Parent Email Resources: The science of kindness (2 minutes):  - and view Kindness Through Their Eyes to get a feel for how children view kindness.



The Word Collector


Day 2: Theme: Seeing and Speaking Positivity

Lesson Plan: The Way I Feel
Book: The Word Collector by Peter H. Reynolds
Activity: Powerful Word Cards
Handouts:  Powerful Word Cards
Parent Email: Seeing and Speaking Positivity


Mindful Monkey, Happy Panda

Day 3: Theme: Mindfulness 

Lesson Plan: Mindfulness
Book: Mindful Monkey, Happy Panda by Lauren Alderfer
Activity: The Art of Touch 
Handouts:  S.T.O.P. Exercise Cards and Starfish Breathing Poster
Parent Email: Mindfulness

Parent Email Resource:


4: Theme: Motivate and Empower

Lesson Plan: Motivate and Empower
Book: Spaghetti in a Hot Dog Bun by Maria Dismondy

Activity:  I am Special Self-portrait
Handouts: Thought of the Day Poster

Parent Email: Motivate and Empower
Parent Email Resource: and


Breath with Me by Mariam Gates

Day 5: Theme: Calm Down

Lesson Plan: Calm Down
Books:  Breathe with me, by Mariam Gates
Activity: Yoga Activity
Handouts: Yoga Flash Cards and Calm Down Yoga For Kids Poster

Parent Email: Peaceful and Calm
Parent Email Resource:  Watch this short 90 second video from Ready Rosie How Should I Handle Temper Tantrums?


Howard County CARE Center: 410-313-CARE (2273) (voice/relay)

Howard County Office of Children and Families: 410-313-1940 (voice/relay)


Educator Resource Kits:

Children's Mental Health Matters 2019