Youth Program Mission Statement

To help maximize the amount of enriching opportunities for the local youth through active and planned recreational activities. Howard County Recreation & Parks strives to offer opportunities that motivate its participants. 

If you don't see something offered here that you would like to try, let us know! For more information or to provide a suggestion, please contact Youth Programs Manager Adam Wienckowski at 
410-313-4714 or

Youth (5-10 yrs) Spring Programs


• No class on half days or when school is not in session.

• Info: Scott Corning, 410-313-4622 or

Chess Club with Silver Knights Chess

Learn how to play chess from highly rated professional chess instructors, who have coached many state and national champions! Time is evenly split between lesson and play. Lessons range from learning the rules to advanced tournament strategies. Open to all elementary school grades and experience levels. Play time is structured to pair against opponent of similar skill. All chess supplies provided.


Chess Wizards Before & After School

Want to learn chess in a fun, engaging and interactive way? Curriculum is designed by teachers and comedians to impart many benefits (critical thinking, sportsmanship and learning from our mistakes in a challenging and exciting way). In addition to lessons and traditional gameplay, variations of chess games are incorporated to build teamwork and improve logic, planning, discipline, judgment and self-control. All skill levels welcome and are grouped accordingly for lessons and game-play.




• No class on half days or when school is not in session.

• Info: Adam Wienckowski, 410-313-4714 or


Cooking Around the World! After School with Club SciKidz

No passport needed for this adventure! Learn about different countries and cultures as we make delectable, delicious treats! “Travel” to Italy and make frittatas; make a salsa in Mexico; create a scrumptious crepe in France! Your palette will love this “journey” of tastes!


Crafts & Fine Arts

  • Abrakadoodle Art Info: Cindy Ochs, 410-313-4681 or
  • KidzArt Info: Scott Corning, 410-313-4622 or 
  • No class on half days or when school is not in session.

Abrakadoodle Art

These art classes are about creativity! Use your imaginations while using a variety of materials, such as wire, clay, and more. Explore artists, techniques, and world cultures, while having fun! Space Art Adventure-STEAM: Come blast off to an outer space adventure! Learn about the solar system, meteoroids, meteors and meteorites, constellations and more. Find out why astronauts wear spacesuits and why telescopes are important tools. Create art that focuses on science, technology, engineering, and math concepts. Explore fun, art techniques, play games and make friends that are out of this world while we reach for the stars!


KidzArt After School

Enjoy a fun, unique, confidence-building, art experience. This drawing-based curriculum delivers engaging and educationally rich, creative experiences that amaze and delight. Create a masterpiece each week. Explore artist-grade mediums (Prismacolor ArtStix, oil pastels, chalk pastels, charcoal, watercolor, clay, copper, textured papers, and more)! Info:


  • Info: Adam Wienckowski, 410-313-4714 or

Dance Basics for Boys by Kinetics Dance Theatre

An approachable introduction to basic dance and tap skills designed for boys. Learn basic ballet steps, build loco motor skills and learn to develop rhythmic patterns using imagery and themes such as animals, superheroes, outer space and more! Tap shoes required.


Beginning Princess Ballet: Rhythm & Steps

Dance with scarves to the music of your favorite princesses. Class combines basic ballet steps with the imagination of creative movement and helps young dancers establish basic skills in locomotion, imagination and music appreciation. Leotard, tights and leather ballet shoes (no satin slippers) required. Instructors: Nina Basu (601) and Ms. Tonja Mask (602).


All That Jazz & Tap by Kinetics Dance Theatre

Boys and girls, discover tempo, balance, strength, and style through beginning tap and jazz dance. Groove to the music while learning about rhythm. This beginner-level class balances fun with learning. Wear comfortable clothing. Tap and jazz shoes required.


Back Beats with Nysia Carter

This fast-paced, high-energy, hip-hop class emphasizes body isolation movements, intricate rhythms and individual expression. Come learn basic hip-hop, popping and breakdancing techniques to develop your own unique style. Wear comfortable clothes. Sneakers required.



  • Info: Scott Corning, 410-313-4622 or 

Spanish After School

Learn a new language, culture and traditions of Spanish-speaking countries through games, songs, poems, crafts and other hands-on activities. Classes are taught by native speakers who are experienced, engaging, fun and motivating. No class on half days or when school is not in session.

Music & Theater Arts


  • Info: William Banks, 410-313-4721or

Creative Songwriting at Olenka School of Music

Can you read and hear music written on paper first, just like Mozart did? Speak, read and write in the language of music by generating, exploring and developing ideas into original compositions. Learn to build your own melodies in a variety of styles with accompanying lyrics. Prior music experience is helpful, but not necessary.


Guitar Beginners at Olenka School of Music

Can you read and hear music written on paper first, just like Mozart did? Learn music as a Universal Language: speaking, reading and writing in music will help you to play Guitar, improvise melodies and add chords. No previous music experience necessary.


Learn Now Music After School

Learn Now Music’s mission is "to create a positive, musical experience for all of our students!" Budding musicians, participate in musical instruction and theory. Enjoy musical games, special extension curriculum-based activities, musical listening excerpts, and more! A rental agreement must be signed. 


Vocal Starz with Olenka School of Music

Breath control and vocal & tone production are developed with exercises & explored through song, games, and improv. Improve skills, develop stage presence, performance quality and rhythm while creating characters & storytelling. No prior vocal training required. Info: William Banks, 410-313-4721 or



• More classes for 6th grade and up in Teens section.

• Info: Adam Wienckowski, 410-313-4714 or


Beginning Acting: Moana's Island by DLC

Disney’s classic animated tale of Moana and friends comes to life on stage in this adventure. Learn singing, dancing, and acting skills as they work as part of a theatrical team.


Greatest Show! Drama After School by DLC

Sing and dance to songs from “The Greatest Showman” and create characters inspired by the film. A final showcase for family and friends at the end of the final class concludes the term!


Drama Production Class: Moana Jr. by DLC

The story of Moana and friends. Learn and improve singing, dancing and acting skills working as part of a theatrical team.

Homeschool Musical: Moana Jr. by DLC

Learn and improve singing, dancing and acting skills working as part of a theatrical team. The story of an extraordinary girl and some helpful friends are told through this fun production.


Personal Development & Enrichment

Magic (and Life Skills) After School with Mike Perrello

Learn dozens of magic tricks. Receive custom magic props and take-home lessons. This program is open to anyone (whether or not you’ve studied magic with Mike). Professional magician Mike Perrello has specialized in educational programs for over 15 years. Info:




School's Out Programs

Spring Break Opportunities

Around the World Spring Break with KidzArt!

KidzArt’s experienced art instructors can’t wait to guide you through exciting 2D and 3D projects! We have big plans in store for this camp, including sculpture, watercolor, pastels, and mixed media with projects that pack a lot of WOW! Your confidence will soar through our guided lessons and learning how to work through your mistakes. KidzArtists proudly presents their work at a brief art show on Friday. Breaks for snack, lunch and active play included too!

Bricks4Kidz LEGO® Spring Break

Enjoy fresh, new themes & materials, and some tried-and-true favorites. Register for the full week or pick and choose the days you need.

Creative Magic Spring Break Workshop

Enjoy a break from school filled with enchantment. Discover how to wow your friends and blow people’s minds! Learn real magic secrets from master Magician Ben Corey. Make objects vanish and then suddenly reappear. Explore your creativity while learning the art of astonishment. Make friends for life, and get time to play outside too. There is only one week off school so make it count.

Culinary Creations with Club SciKidz - Spring Break Cooking Workshop

Join us for Spring Break week at Culinary Creations Cooking Workshop! Focus on a new theme each day, while learning about our world through fun, new recipes! Travel under the sea to learn about sea creatures and make Octopus Cupcakes. Travel back to land to learn about insects by making Lady Bug.

NEW! Engineering and Design With Club SciKidz Spring Break Workshop

Come discover the wonderful world of engineering and scientific principles through hands on experiments. Design skyscrapers and see if they can withstand an earthquake. Examine Whacky Walkers and determine how to get them to walk further. Design a CO2 car and see how fast it goes!

NEW! Spring Break Kidz Zone

School is closed, so have fun in this active and enriching camp. Enjoy active games, science projects, arts & crafts, drama games, and other small & large group activities. You have lots of time to be active, but also time to relax. We have engaged and energetic staff. Info about activities are sent in advance.

NEW! Spring into Spring Break with Science! With Club SciKidz

Come discover Sir Isaac Newton and how his laws affect the world! Use Bo!nks and Reaction Rockets to see how every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Take your new knowledge and information and design your very own reaction rocket! Build your very own hovercraft.


Schools Out Programs

Chess School’s Out with Silver Knights Enrichment

Learn from professional chess instructors from Silver Knights. You are divided into groups by level (beginner to highly-rated tournament). Everyone receives a t-shirt and a tournament-style chess set. Activities include learning openings,tactics and endgames, studying master games, playing and analyzing games, and enjoying fresh air breaks.

Cooking with Chef Nikki Spring Break Program

Back by popular demand! Join Chef Nikki, owner of Mindgrub Cafe food truck & catering and Share Kitchen food incubator. Each day is dedicated to a part of the meal: appetizers, soups and salads, entrees, and desserts. All students sample recipes.

School’s Out: Cooking with SciKidz

Who says only your human friends and family should get treats? Come get paws-itive reviews from your pet! Start by learning about foods that are healthy for dogs (and which are not). Put that knowledge to use as you prepare a few treats for your pet. Whip-up pet-themed goodies for yourself too! Bring a pic of your furry friend to share!

School’s Out Drama Workshop by DLC

Why sit at home in front of the TV when you’re off from school? Join us for a day of drama-themed fun with arts & crafts also! Sibling fee is $25 for each additional sibling, available only by phone. Call DLC for before and after-care.

NEW! Earth’s Natural Phenomena! With Club SciKidz

Come explore naturally occurring phenomena! Learn about earthquakes by creating edible tectonic plates. Create exploding volcanoes, learn about tornadoes, thunderstorms and weather patterns.

NEW! Eco Explorers with Club SciKidz

Come explore the adventures that exist in nature. Explore the organisms and habitats of different eco systems, discover earth's different systems through hands-on activities, and learn ways to take care of the planet we live on. Get outside to explore nature first hand.

NEW! Grossology with Club SciKidz

Come discover loads of horribly fantastic experiments! Projects focus on blood, bones and body bits. This is science with the squishy bits left in it! Tons of chemistry and biology for the aspiring doctor or scientist! Sample projects: Bulging Bag of Brains, Simulated Snot, Baby Diaper Dissection, Eyeball Acrobatics, Bird Barf, and we are only getting started! In addition:Grossologists indulges in many other sickening body experiments. This is our most disgusting camp!

NEW! Newton’s Apprentice

Come spend the day learning about one of science’s greatest minds. Build catapults, balloon cars and more! See how far and accurately you can launch a projectile. Whose balloon car goes the furthest and fastest? Adapt your project to make it better. Learn about Laws of Motion and how they apply today!

Pop Star Power by DLC

 Enjoy drama-themed fun, arts & crafts, and more.

NEW! Robot Adventures with Dash & Dot with Club SciKidz

Come create your own robot! Dash and Dot are lovable little blue robots that make noises, put on a light show, and listen to your commands! Learn how to move and control them using a tablet, and before you know it, you’ll be programming them and competing in challenges to turn them into a fire truck, a launching machine, and much more.

NEW! 3D Printing With Club SciKidz

Learn how to design a 3D print, how it works and print 3D creations! There is so much to know and learn about this quickly developing technology.

Science & Technology

• No class on half days or when school is not in session.

• Listed in alphabetical (not age) order


3D Printing Design and Engineering Club After School: My Smart Home

Enjoy an intro to 3D printing and design. Class uses Tinkercad, a 3D modeling program for computer-aided design and printing. Class works on either a big or small item in a house.


Bricks4Kidz LEGO® After School: Benny’s Space History

Join us for a fun trip through the history of space exploration, narrated by Benny from the super popular LEGO® Movie series. Enjoy new motorized builds. Bricks4Kidz is a STEAM-based program that teaches science and technology concepts using LEGO® bricks.


Club STEM After School with Holly Walker

New experiments this session! Do you enjoy watching things bubble, pop, disappear, and explode? Then join us as we investigate, question and hypothesize. Come think and talk like a scientist. Leave each week with an activity to try at home.


Coding Club Before School with Silver Knights

Create stories, games, and animations using a visual programming language called Scratch. It’s as easy as snapping together blocks! With Scratch, learn to think creatively, work collaboratively, and reason systematically. Projects like mazes and platform games make learning logic, coding, and animation fun and creative! New coders learn the basics while experienced coders are challenged to create complex programs. Laptop for use during program is provided.


Game Design & Production After School with C3 Cyber Club

Class is specifically designed for young children to cultivate an interest in becoming a game designer, multimedia artist, engineer, programmer, and more STEM-related careers! Enjoy seeing how professional games are made. Use basic 3D geometry to create your own video game level. Create puzzles and challenges using jump pads, elevators, lava, and more! Acquire computer skills, mathematics, creativity and basic problem-solving skills.


NEW! How Girls Code: EV3 Robotics

Apply the basics of robotics by building models and using drag and drop programming to animate them. Use the engineering process along with the physics of simple machines to create a robot of your own to accomplish a task.


NEW! How Girls Code: Foundations of Computer Science

Enjoy an intro to computer science concepts using in a fun, hands-on learning environment. Topics include binary, repeats/loops, algorithms, conditionals, patterns, debugging, and more. Special guest speakers visit throughout the program.


NEW! How Girls Code: With Physical Computing

Learn about programming in the physical world by programming lights

and motors. Explore circuits and conductivity and make games using the raspberry pi and micro:bit. Gain an understanding of computer science and computational thinking through physical tools and hands-on activities.


WeDo LEGO® Meet Scratch Beginner with Club SciKidz (After School)

Learn basic coding skills with Scratch and then code WeDo LEGO® Robotics. Build structures and objects with LEGO® and bring them to life by coding the actions using Scratch. This is a great way to gain a fun intro into the world of coding.


Little Medical School (After School)

Calling future doctors! Aspiring little docs, come scrub in, glove up and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of medicine over hours of interactive instruction. Discover how to use common doctor’s tools, learn how the heart, lungs, and digestive system work, practice tying knots like a real surgeon and much more! Listen to a heartbeat using your own, personal stethoscope,which you keep. Enjoy role play, models, drawing, thinking critically and being creative! At the end of each course, enjoy a graduation ceremony, where you receive a diploma as a graduate of the Little Medical School!


Little Veterinarian School (After School)

Enjoy the ABC's of dog care! Experience unparalleled opportunities, immerse yourself in the fascinating world of veterinary medicine! Begin your exploration of veterinary medicine, by adopting a cute stuffed puppy, that you take home at the end of the course. Learn how to examine dogs and assess their health, how to treat common illnesses and deliver immunizations; and about ticks and other common problems among pets. Learn some basic suturing skills! At the end of the course, celebrate in a fun graduation ceremony!


Minecraft Modding After School with C3 Cyber Club

Learn how to create your own custom game play items and elements using MCreator and Minecraft. Create artwork for various items and then implement them into the game with custom behaviors. Design custom blocks, weapons, food, biomes, and more! Enjoy Minecraft? Learn how to improve your game play experience, and create custom mods to take home!

Play-Well TEK: After School Pokemon Engineering using LEGO®

Join Ash and Pikachu as you build, capture, train, and explore the vast world of Pokémon. Design your own Poké Balls, explore the Kanto region, and fly with Charizard. Explore engineering through the fun world of Pokémon with the guidance of a Play-Well instructor.


Robotics Club Before School with Silver Knights

Learn to explore robotics with confidence in this fun and engaging class using LEGO® WeDo 2.0. LEGO® WeDo 2.0 is a hands-on activity that combines the LEGO® brick, child-friendly software, and engaging projects which inspire children to explore the world of robotics.


Science Club After School with Club SciKidz

Gain an understanding about sound and light waves through a “sunken

treasure” theme - a continuous storyline throughout the lessons. Learn about sound through the introduction of frequency and how it applies to musical sounds. Learn about echolocation and how engineers use it to “see” things in the dark or deep underwater. Sound lessons introduce acoustics, and how different materials reflect and absorb sound.


Visual Programming After School with C3 Cyber Club

Enjoy an intro to the wonderful world of programming! Learn basic programming concepts using a simple drag-and-drop interface within the software Scratch, a project developed by the MIT Media Lab. Use your imagination and implement creative thinking while learning how to create and program basic games. Use premade art assets or create your own! Learn how to program them to walk, talk, and interact with objects. Gain logic and visual programming understanding in order to create simple, 2D Video Game in Scratch.