Youth (5-10 yrs) Fall Programs


• No class on half days or when school is not in session.

• Info: Scott Corning, 410-313-4622 or

Chess Club with Silver Knights Chess

Learn how to play chess from highly rated professional chess instructors, who have coached many state and national champions! Time is evenly split between lesson and play. Lessons range from learning the rules to advanced tournament strategies. Open to all elementary school grades and experience levels. Play time is structured to pair against opponent of similar skill. All chess supplies provided.

Chess Wizards Before & After School

Want to learn chess in a fun, engaging and interactive way? Curriculum is designed by teachers and comedians to impart many benefits (critical thinking, sportsmanship and learning from our mistakes in a challenging and exciting way). In addition to lessons and traditional gameplay, variations of chess games are incorporated to build teamwork and improve logic, planning, discipline, judgment and self-control. All skill levels welcome and are grouped accordingly for lessons and game-play.




  • Info: Adam Wienckowski, 410-313-4714 or
  • No class on half days or when school is not in session.

Cooking After School - The Playful Chef

Club SciKidz says "it’s time to get creative and play with your food!" Take simple fruits, veggies, and dishes packed with protein and transform them into amazing food art! Use a variety of kitchen tools to create fun animals, creatures, silly faces and out of this world designs with everyday food.

Cooking After School - The Culinary Chemist

Club SciKidz encourages you to grab a beaker, pick up a whisk and get ready to cook up chemistry! Using food as our tools (or ingredients), we will measure, weigh, combine, and mix our way through the kitchen discovering atoms, molecules, solids, liquids, gases, polymers and more!

Crafts & Fine Arts

  • Abrakadoodle Art Info: Cindy Ochs, 410-313-4681 or
  • KidzArt Info: Scott Corning, 410-313-4622 or 
  • No class on half days or when school is not in session.

Abrakadoodle Art

These art classes are about creativity! Use your imaginations while using a variety of materials, such as wire, clay, and more. Explore artists, techniques, and world cultures, while having fun! Space Art Adventure-STEAM: Come blast off to an outer space adventure! Learn about the solar system, meteoroids, meteors and meteorites, constellations and more. Find out why astronauts wear spacesuits and why telescopes are important tools. Create art that focuses on science, technology, engineering, and math concepts. Explore fun, art techniques, play games and make friends that are out of this world while we reach for the stars!

KidzArt After School

Enjoy a fun, unique, confidence-building, art experience. This drawing-based curriculum delivers engaging and educationally rich, creative experiences that amaze and delight. Create a masterpiece each week. Explore artist-grade mediums (Prismacolor ArtStix, oil pastels, chalk pastels, charcoal, watercolor, clay, copper, textured papers, and more)! Info:


  • Info: Adam Wienckowski, 410-313-4714 or

Dance Basics for Boys by Kinetics Dance Theatre

An approachable introduction to basic dance and tap skills designed for boys. Learn basic ballet steps, build loco motor skills and learn to develop rhythmic patterns using imagery and themes such as animals, superheroes, outer space and more! Tap shoes required.


Beginning Princess Ballet: Rhythm & Steps

Dance with scarves to the music of your favorite princesses. Class combines basic ballet steps with the imagination of creative movement and helps young dancers establish basic skills in locomotion, imagination and music appreciation. Leotard, tights and leather ballet shoes (no satin slippers) required. Instructors: Nina Basu (601) and Ms. Tonja Mask (602).

All That Jazz & Tap by Kinetics Dance Theatre

Boys and girls, discover tempo, balance, strength, and style through beginning tap and jazz dance. Groove to the music while learning about rhythm. This beginner-level class balances fun with learning. Wear comfortable clothing. Tap and jazz shoes required.

Ballet/Jazz After School by Cindee Velle Ballet

This 90-minute dance class introduces basic barre exercises: leg, feet and arm positions and first forms of classic center work. The jazz portion includes contemporary movement from a range of American dance styles such as Broadway, lyrical and funk. Girls, wear black leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes (leather or canvas) and black jazz shoes. Boys, wear white t-shirt, black shorts or sweatpants, black ballet shoes and black jazz shoes. Showcase for family and friends on 5/13 (additional costume fee).

Back Beats with Nysia Carter

This fast-paced, high-energy, hip-hop class emphasizes body isolation movements, intricate rhythms and individual expression. Come learn basic hip-hop, popping and breakdancing techniques to develop your own unique style. Wear comfortable clothes. Sneakers required.



  • Info: Scott Corning, 410-313-4622 or 

Spanish After School

Learn a new language, culture and traditions of Spanish-speaking countries through games, songs, poems, crafts and other hands-on activities. Classes are taught by native speakers who are experienced, engaging, fun and motivating. No class on half days or when school is not in session.

Music & Theater Arts


  • Info: William Banks, 410-313-4721or

Creative Songwriting at Olenka School of Music

Can you read and hear music written on paper first, just like Mozart did? Speak, read and write in the language of music by generating, exploring and developing ideas into original compositions. Learn to build your own melodies in a variety of styles with accompanying lyrics. Prior music experience is helpful, but not necessary.

Guitar Beginners at Olenka School of Music

Can you read and hear music written on paper first, just like Mozart did? Learn music as a Universal Language: speaking, reading and writing in music will help you to play Guitar, improvise melodies and add chords. No previous music experience necessary.

Learn Now Music After School

Learn Now Music’s mission is "to create a positive, musical experience for all of our students!" Budding musicians, participate in musical instruction and theory. Enjoy musical games, special extension curriculum-based activities, musical listening excerpts, and more! A rental agreement must be signed. 

Vocal Starz with Olenka School of Music

Breath control and vocal & tone production are developed with exercises & explored through song, games, and improv. Improve skills, develop stage presence, performance quality and rhythm while creating characters & storytelling. No prior vocal training required. Info: William Banks, 410-313-4721 or


• More classes for 6th grade and up in Teens section.

• Info: Adam Wienckowski, 410-313-4714 or

Beginning Acting: 101 Dalmatians by DLC

Disney’s classic animated tale of kidnapping villains and courageous puppies comes to life on stage in the "fur-tastic" adventure. Learn singing, dancing, and acting skills as they work as part of a theatrical team.

Musical Theatre: Adventures with Ariel and Flounder by DLC

Join Ariel, Sebastian, Flounder and friends while you work as part of a theatrical team to present this one act musical.

Beauty & The Beast After School by CCTA

Recreation & Parks has teamed up with Columbia Center for theatrical arts! Journey with Belle and the Beast. If the Beast learns to love and be loved before the last petal falls on his enchanted rose, the curse will end! Join us as we tell this classic tale featuring some beloved Disney Characters! Learn the fundamentals of musical theater (choreography, character development, and stage direction). Program culminates with a full stage production complete with theatrical sets, lighting, costumes and sound! Program meets for 11 classes plus a 7pm evening performance after the final class. No class on half days or when school is not in session.

On Stage: Disney’s Aladdin Jr. by DLC

It’s a whole new world. Learn singing, dancing, and acting skills as they work as part of a theatrical team.

On Stage: Disney’s The Little Mermaid Jr. by DLC

Join Ariel, Sebastian, Flounder and friends as you perform this musical. Learn singing, dancing, and acting skills as they work as part of a theatrical team.

Production Class: Roald Dahl’s Matilda the Musical by DLC

The story of an extraordinary girl who, armed with a vivid imagination and a sharp mind, dares to take a stand and change her own destiny. Learn and improve singing, dancing and acting skills working as part of a theatrical team.

Homeschool Musical: Roald Dahl’s Matilda the Musical by DLC

Learn and improve singing, dancing and acting skills working as part of a theatrical team. The story of an extraordinary girl who, armed with a vivid imagination and a sharp mind, dares to take a stand and change her own destiny. Sibling discount (must call in) for $75 off each additional sibling.



Personal Development & Enrichment

Magic (and Life Skills) After School with Mike Perrello

Learn dozens of magic tricks. Receive custom magic props and take-home lessons. This program is open to anyone (whether or not you’ve studied magic with Mike). Professional magician Mike Perrello has specialized in educational programs for over 15 years. Info:


NEW! Give & Grow Basketball After School

Using fun and innovative basketball drills to deliver mindfulness and emotional intelligence skills that allow you to excel at everything you do! (This is not a basketball skills class.)


School's Out Programs


School’s Out I’m the Chef Too!

Winter Break - I’m The Chef Too


Crafts & Fine Arts

School’s Out Workshop with KidzArt!

School is out, but the fun continues with KidzArt Workshops! Come engage your imagination in a whole new way! Our format allows you to learn fine art techniques while encouraging creative thinking in a relaxed environment. KidzArtists explore a variety of artist grade materials through exciting drawings and 3D projects from popular summer camps. Breaks for snack, lunch and active play included too! Bring an apron, smock or wear old clothes.



School’s Out Drama Workshops - DLC

Join us for a day of drama-themed fun with arts & crafts also!

Winter Break Drama Workshops: Star Wars Jedi

Training Camp with Drama Learning Center Enjoy new drama-themed fun, arts, and crafts. Show parents and friends what you learned with a performance that concludes each day.


LEGO® / Science & Technology

Bricks4Kidz LEGO® School’s Out

School is out and we’re open for play! Topics vary and include the popular LEGO® themes of Extreme Gaming, Movie Mixup, Brick Zoology and Building is Awesome - Emmet’s Wild Adventure! Activities take place indoors.

Play-Well TEK: Winter Wonderland with LEGO®

Apply engineering, architecture, creativity and fun to create a magical Winter Wonderland! Build motorized contraptions (ex: snowmobiles & gondolas). Create a hilltop village with slopes for our LEGO® skiers and sledders. Design and build with Play-Well TEKnologies and tens of thousands of LEGO®!

Schools Out TECH Scientific Workshops

Science & Technology

3D Printing After School – Entrepreneur’s World with Idea Lab Kids 

Develop your own components to run a business! Maybe print your signage, or even a mini-scaled lemonade stand! Entrepreneur’s World is a fun and exciting way of teaching then ins and outs of business!

Bricks4Kidz LEGO® After School

Bricks4Kidz is a STEAM-based program that teaches science and technology concepts using LEGO® bricks.

Grades K-5 Factory Fun Classes: 6

Ever dream of operating the big machines in a factory? Factories rely on special machines to help build, move and package the things we use every day. Come build LEGO®-sized versions of these clever creations, such as a scissor lift, specialized conveyor belts and even a robot! Learn about the engineering challenges involved in machine design and maybe inspire you to invent your own machine.

Grades K-5 Simple Machines Classes: 6

Learn about simple machines! People use simple machines to make work easier and more efficient. Discuss the 6 types of simple machines and how we have advanced them into the tools we use today. Each week, build a cool LEGO® model.

Coding Club Before School with Silver Knights

Create stories, games, and animations using a visual programming language called Scratch. It’s as easy as snapping together blocks! With Scratch, learn to think creatively, work collaboratively, and reason systematically. Projects like mazes and platform games make learning logic, coding, and animation fun and creative! New coders learn the basics while experienced coders are challenged to create complex programs. Laptop for use during program is provided. Info: Scott Corning, 410-313-4622 or

Coding in Minecraft with LUA After School with C3 Cyber Club

Utilize problem-solving skills by learning how to program robots to complete various tasks and objectives such as programming their turtles to automatically build, mine, and craft items and structures. Enjoy an intro to programming if-then-else statements, for-while loops, and implement their own functions using Lua, a simple scripting language. Info: William Banks, 410-313-4721 or

NEW! Engineering 101 After School: Transportation with Club SciKidz

Come design and engineer different vehicles and robots! Learn how to create a hovercraft and bristlebot. Design a mousetrap car and see how far it goes. Learn about the design process and get your minds and hands ready to build! Info: William Banks, 410-313-4721 or

LEGO® Mindstorms Space Missions After School with Club SciKidz

Come fly to the moon and Mars and create rovers using LEGO® Mindstorms NXT. Learn to build different rover and add different attachments and sensors. Shut down a solar station using audio, learn about terraforming and complete missions on the moon! Info: William Banks, 410-313-4721 or

LEGO® WEDO Powerful Machines After School with Club SciKidz

Come learn about powerful machines in this brand-new class from Club SciKidz! Build a tank, forklift, race car and bulldozer. Not only will you learn to build these powerful machines, but you will also learn to program them too! Info: William Banks, 410-313-4721 or

Little Medical School (After School)

Calling future doctors! Aspiring little docs, come scrub in, glove up and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of medicine over hours of interactive instruction. Discover how to use common doctor’s tools, learn how the heart, lungs, and digestive system work, practice tying knots like a real surgeon and much more! Listen to a heartbeat using your own, personal stethoscope, which you keep. Enjoy role play, models, drawing, thinking critically and being creative! At the end of each course, enjoy a graduation ceremony, where you receive a diploma as a graduate of the Little Medical School! Info: Scott Corning, 410-313-4622 or

Little Veterinarian School (After School)

Enjoy the ABC's of dog care! Experience unparalleled opportunities, immerse yourself in the fascinating world of veterinary medicine! Begin your exploration of veterinary medicine, by adopting a cute stuffed puppy, that you take home at the end of the course. Learn how to examine dogs and assess their health, how to treat common illnesses and deliver immunizations; and about ticks and other common problems among pets. Learn some basic suturing skills! At the end of the course, celebrate in a fun graduation ceremony! Info: Scott Corning, 410-313-4622 or

Play-Well TEK: Winter Wonderland with LEGO® After School

Get ready for the deep freeze by applying engineering and architecture concepts to brave the challenges of winter weather. With our Play-well instructors, design and build motorized contraptions such as snowplows, gondolas and a snowball launcher. Info: William Banks, 410-313-4721 or

Robotics and Visual Coding with LEGO® EV3 (After School) with C3 Cyber Club

Learn how to use the simple, but powerful software to create commands with drag and-drop visual programming. Configure different sensors that track motion, light, & touch to create the ultimate robot! Work together as a small team of young engineers to build and program their designs. This is great for those who enjoy hands-on work and working in small teams. Info: William Banks, 410-313-4721 or

Robotics and Visual Coding with LEGO® WEDO (After School) with C3 Cyber Club

Robotics class combines the exciting world of LEGO® with programming to manipulate and program your own personal robots. This class is tailored to younger children who want to learn the basics of visual programming. Create commands for your robots to follow by using an application with a drag-and-drop interface that is visually simple to use, but capable of complex instructions. Enjoy teamwork by working together with a partner in order to accomplish the build assignment for the day. Info: William Banks, 410-313-4721 or

Robotics Club Before School with Silver Knights

Learn to explore robotics with confidence in this fun and engaging class using LEGO® WeDo 2.0. LEGO® WeDo 2.0 is a hands-on activity that combines the LEGO® brick, child-friendly software, and engaging projects which inspire children to explore the world of robotics. Info: Scott Corning, 410-313-4622 or

Science Club After School with Club SciKidz

Take Pokémon to a new level! Did you know that Pokémon evolve just like real animals? Find out how! Catch and hatch your own Pokémon from a fizzing Poke Ball. Discover electricity and static electricity. Bring Pikachu to life!

Info: or Adam Wienckowski, 410-313-4714 or

TECH Machines After School with Club SciKidz

Come discover the joy in engineering different machines. Learn about the engineering process and design a bridge, balloon car, boat and more! Whose structure can hold the most weight? Can go the furthest? Can build the highest? Get ready for some awesome engineering challenges! Info: William Banks, 410-313-4721 or