Robinson Nature Center Field Trips - Teacher Materials

Check out materials on this page as you are planning your field trip to the Robinson Nature Center.

  • The teacher checklist and packet will guide you through logistics of your trip.
  • Pre- and post-visit activities are available from the right-hand menu on this page for you to download and use in your classroom before and after the field trip.
  • Scavenger hunts are available for you to download and print for use with your students during the self-guided exhibit portion of your field trip.
  • Field trip and NatureSphere film descriptions are listed with NGSS standards covered.

If you have questions about any of these  documents, please contact Kevin Costin at 410-313-0410.

Planning Tools

Field Trip Checklist for Teachers

Download a printable copy of the Field Trip Checklist for Teachers or read below.

Prior to Your Field Trip:

  • Review your schedule and the Teacher Information Packet. Notify the Robinson Nature Center Field Trip Coordinator* if you would like changes made to the schedule and/or if you have any students with special needs that were not listed on your confirmation form. This allows our educators to prepare activities to meet your time constraints and the needs of your students.
  • Distribute the Parent/Chaperone Field Trip Letter (pg 5 of the Teacher Information packet.)
  • Arrange for field trip payment via credit card, cash or check (checks made out to “Director of Finance, Howard County”). If you require an invoice prior to the trip, please notify us upon receiving this checklist.
  • Make copies of any materials you choose to distribute (schedule, directions, scavenger hunts, etc.)  
  • Assign your students, teachers and chaperones to their group. Larger groups will be divided for their field trip. Your field trip schedule indicates into how many smaller groups your group is divided. We require that at least one adult from your school remain with each group at all times during the trip. We prefer one teacher or staff member from each school remain with each group at all times.
  • If possible, make name tags for students and chaperones to wear on the day of the field trip indicating their first names and their group number (if applicable).
  • Notify us with any changes in student numbers, schedule or program options.

Day of Field Trip:

  • Review with students the group numbers to which they have been assigned prior to arrival.
  • Bring field trip payment and driving directions with you.
  • Notify us if you are running late by calling 410-313-0400. If your bus is going to be more than five minutes late for the start time indicated in the field trip schedule, please call us.
  • If arriving via school bus, please direct the bus drivers to pull into the circle in front of the building. Robinson staff will board each bus to greet everyone and give directions from there.

After Your Field Trip

Please feel free to email any comments or suggestions you would like to share. We value the positive and/or constructive feedback you provide about our programs.

Teacher Field Trip Logistics Packet

Download a printable, PDF copy of the Teacher Information Packet for Field Trips or browse the packet as an e-publication.

Educational Resources

Field Trip Descriptions

Robinson Nature Center Field Trip brochure

Click on the links below to read descriptions of, and standards covered during, each field trip: 

NatureSphere Film Descriptions


NatureSphere Feature Films brochure


Full-dome feature films last approximately half an hour. Use the links below to browse the NatureSphere Full-Dome Features brochure for more information on film content and age recommendations. 



For film previews, see the links in the right-hand menu on our NatureSphere Feature Films page (certain software or access to Youtube is required to view the previews).


Pre- and Post-Visit Activities

Battlefield Earth

Changing of the Land

Discover Nature By Day

Earth's Place in Space

Going Buggy

Happening Habitats

Have Seeds, Will Travel

It's Easy Being Green

Lil' Nature Adventures - First Impressions

Lil' Nature Adventures - Little Fawn Goes Home

Nature Now

Starlight, How Bright?


The World "Deer" to Us

Unliving Proof

Water Works

Wildlife Wonders

World to a River Dweller

Exhibit Scavenger Hunts



1st grade

2nd grade

3rd grade

4th grade

5th grade

6th grade

7th & 8th grades

High School (9th-12th grades) 

Exhibit Scavenger Hunt - Answer Keys

*PreK, Kindergarten and 1st grade exhibit scavenger hunts revolve around exploration and do not have answer keys.

2nd Grade Scavenger Hunt Answer Key

3rd Grade Scavenger Hunt Answer Key

4th Grade Scavenger Hunt Answer Key

5th Grade Scavenger Hunt Answer Key

6th Grade Scavenger Hunt Answer Key

7th & 8th Grade Scavenger Hunt Answer Key

High School Scavenger Hunt Answer Key