Bureau of Utilities - Water Meter Readings

How does the County assure water meter readings and water bills are accurate ?

  • Most water meters in Howard County are read electronically via radio interface, thereby minimizing human error.
  • Water meter data is transferred electronically to the County's billing system, again minimizing human error.
  • These readings are automatically compared to the previous readings and/or the reading from the same time period in the prior year. If a substantial difference is found the bill is reviewed individually by a staff member.
  • If the staff member determines that the difference is significant and there is no mitigating reason for the discrepancy, a field investigation will ensue to identify and resolve the problem.
  • While it is extremely rare that the actual water meters over-register, the general cause is a malfunctioning transmitter.

We do our best to ensure all billed water meter readings are correct. If you feel your water bill is inaccurate give us a call at 410-313-2058, Monday through Friday, during the hours of 8am and 5pm.