Work Green Howard

Are you a certified Work Green Howard business?
You could be!

Each year, the Maryland Department of the Environment requires Howard County to report recycling activities that take place within the county. All local businesses that generate or process recyclables are urged to report their total waste stream to the Howard County Department of Public Works. Businesses who report will be certified as a Work Green Howard business.

The Work Green Howard program makes the reporting process simple by providing a centralized hub for user-friendly forms and comprehensive information regarding materials that count toward the county's recycling rate.

Qualifying as a Work Green Howard business is a great opportunity for recognition in the community. To become a certified Work Green Howard business, all you have to do is report your recycling!

Your help is priceless, and takes just a few minutes.

Report Your Recycling

Reporting is quick, easy, and free.

Please report your recycling tonnage using the interactive form that best suits your business. The forms have been tailored for:

For a complete paper version of the report, please contact Kimberly Reichart at (410) 313-6442 or

Howard County is currently targeting a 60% recycling rate by 2020, as required by Maryland law. Reporting is a fundamental step in this process. Help us achieve our goal and report your recycling today!

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