tips to reduce your trash

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In Your Home...Don't Throw It All Away!

  • Visit our Know Before You Throw webpage for unique recycling and reuse opportunities.
  • Give unwanted clothes to a friend, family member or donate it to a local charity (ripped or stained clothes can be cut and made into rags).
  • Detox your home and avoid harsh chemicals.
  • Return styrofoam peanuts to a local shipping store (like Mailboxes, etc.).
  • NEED EXTRA CASH? Have a yard sale! One person's trash is another person's treasure.
  • Renovating your home? THE LOADING DOCK accepts reusable building materials and other fixtures at Alpha Ridge Landfill.
  • Visit the Alpha Ridge Landfill and recycle your "junk" including scrap metal, tires, cooking oil, food scraps, used motor oil, antifreeze and much more.
  • Clean out your shed or garage and visit one of our SATURDAY drop-off days for Household Hazardous Waste at the Alpha Ridge Landfill April through November)


Party/Picnic Tips... Less is best!

If you're having a party or picnic, don't forget the 4Rs:

    • REDUCE
    • REUSE

We've all heard these words before, but what can we actually do?

    • Buy bulk food items to REDUCE the amount of packaging and trash.
    • Ask guests to carpool to REDUCE fuel consumption and pollution.
    • RESPOND by thinking about the environment when shopping and set an example for others. It's easy an