Recycling Seasonal Tips

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SPRING HAS SPRUNG... As you begin spring clean up in your yard and around the house keep in mind that there are many alternatives to throwing unwanted items in the trash. Here are some spring seasonal recycling solutions and environmentally safe disposal alternatives for you to consider and practice.

In the Home...

Spring Cleaning Tips... Don't Throw It All Away!

  • Visit our What Should I Do With...? webpage for unique recycling and reuse opportunities.
  • Give unwanted clothes to a friend, family member or donate it to a local charity (ripped or stained clothes can be cut and made into rags).
  • Recycle extra plastic bags at your grocery store.
  • Detox your home and avoid harsh chemicals.
  • Return styrofoam peanuts to a local shipping store (like Mailboxes, etc.).
  • NEED EXTRA CASH? Have a yard sale! One person's trash is another person's treasure.
  • Renovating your home? THE LOADING DOCK accepts reusable building materials and other fixtures at Alpha Ridge Landfill.
  • Visit the Alpha Ridge Landfill and recycle your "junk" including scrap metal, tires, cardboard boxes, yard trimmings, used oil, antifreeze and much more.
  • Set out unlimited quantities of recyclables for curbside collections.

Household Hazardous Waste...Collections at the Alpha Ridge Landfill (Saturdays, April through November)

In the Yard...

Grasscycling - Save time and money by leaving grass clippings on your lawn as your mow.

Composting - Many Howard County residents have already solved the yard trim challenge right in their own backyards by COMPOSTING!

Yard Trim Collection - Seasonal yard trim collection begins. Help the environment...Recycle your yard trimmings! 


Summer is the time of freshly cut grass, neighbors working on their lawns, picnics and fun in the sun!

Picnic Tips... Less is best!

If you're having a picnic or party, don't forget the 4Rs:

  • REDUCE the volume of trash created
  • REUSE materials
  • RECYCLE as much as possible
  • RESPOND by thinking about the environment when shopping and set an example for others!

Remember to:

  • Buy bulk food items to REDUCE the amount of packaging.
  • Use plates, glasses, napkins, dinnerware and tablecloths that may be washed and REUSED (Your guests will be surprised and honored). Many disposable plates, cups and silverware items are durable and can be placed in your dishwasher.
  • RESPOND and encourage guests to recycle at your picnic. Tell people where to place empty plastic bottles, aluminum cans and glass bottles & jars. Your picnic may convince one more person to start recycling!
  • RECYCLE your picnic recyclables in your blue recycling container or place marked see-through bags throughout the yard that your guests can identify. All you have to do is put the bags or container out for collection on your next recycling day!


Cutting the grass is a part of everyone's summer chores, but here are some tips on how to save time, energy and the environment!

Try GrassCycling - leaving the grass clippings on your lawn as you mow to recycle naturally. Grasscycling is a gentle way to release nitrogen gradually on your lawn. It also saves you from bagging and dragging your grass clippings to the curb for pickup.

For more information, visit the Grasscycling webpage.

Yard trim is Recyclable too!

Trimming your hedges? Pulling out weeds or cutting small limbs off your trees? Wondering what other nature's treasures can be collected in our curbside recycling program?

For more information, visit the Yard trim webpage.

Household Hazardous Wastes...

Collections at the Alpha Ridge Landfill every Saturday (April 1st through November 30th)

Bring your unwanted pesticides, herbicides, gasoline, batteries and other "household hazardous waste" items to the Alpha Ridge Convenience Center, 2350 Marriottsville Road, Marriottsville 21104. Saturdays from 8 am - 4 pm only.

For more information, visit the Household Hazardous Waste webpage.


Wondering what to do with all that yard trim?

Choose the best option for you:

NOTE: grass, leaves and small brush WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED for trash pick-up in areas where yard trim recycling is offered.

If you have questions about recycling or trash services call 410-313-6444
We are open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm to serve you!


Did you know?
By participating in Howard County's Christmas Tree Recycling program you will help to keep hundreds of tons of waste out of our landfill each year? All recycled trees are delivered to a compost facility and transformed into compost and mulch.

Important Reminder

Curbside yard trim collection ends the third week in January! Once a week curbside collection of UNLIMITED amounts of grass, leaves and light brush is available through the third week in January to most residents in eastern Howard County. See Yard trim for more information!

Inclement Weather Hotline

Call 410-313-2900, for a recorded message about recycling & trash collections during snowy, icy or other inclement weather conditions.

Merry Mulch your Holiday Tree

Curbside Holiday Tree Recycling is available for eastern Howard County residents who have curbside yard trim service. Learn more about the Merry Mulch program.