Recycling Carts & Bins

Howard County provides ONE FREE recycling container to residents that receive curbside collection from the County. Containers are assigned to each address and MUST REMAIN AT THE HOUSE, even if the resident moves. You can put your street name and number on the container which will help it stay where it belongs. There are three options for containers: a 65-gallon cart, a 35-gallon cart or an 18-gallon bin.


           65-gallon cart                 35-gallon cart            18-gallon bin

Need a Container?

If you have moved into a property in Howard County and do not have a cart or bin or if you have moved into a new construction that receives County collection, please call 410-313-6444. Lost or stolen County-issued recycling container? Call us and we will replace it. Remember you can put your street name and number on the cart which will help it stay where it belongs.

Check your Recycling/Trash Days

Call 410-313-6444 or use our online schedule tool to check which days of the week your recycling and trash are collected.

What to Recycle

Visit the Recycling Collection Details page for more information.

Tip: It's best if recyclables are loose in your recycling container. Why? Bags create an extra step at the processor and can jam the equipment if not removed from the line. Watch a video of the processor for more details.

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Have a Broken Container or Want a Different Size?

The County can easily fix broken cart wheels and lids. If you want a different-sized container or need a repair, contact the recycling division at 410-313-6444. Please be patient as we work to complete requests.

Additional Recycling Containers

Howard County residents who receive County trash and recycling curbside collection service are eligible to purchase additional recycling containers for their homes. Residents must be paying the Howard County residential refuse fee to purchase containers. We are no longer able to sell carts and bins to residents who receive private collection. 

18 gallon - $10.00 each
35 gallon - $40.00 each
65 gallon - $50.00 each

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You don't have to use a County Container

Residents can use any reusable container (just not a trash can because the contractors might think it's trash) or see-through plastic bag. You can buy see-through bags from most local retail stores, including Costco, BJs, Target, Ace Hardware and Home Depot. Keep in mind, there is an added step of ripping open plastic bags of recycling at the processor. We can help by putting our recyclables loose in a reusable container. Watch our recycling video to see the sorting process.

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Seasonal Recycling Tips

Learn about what you can do throughout the year to improve and increase your recycling. It's easy and even the little things add up to make a big difference!