Cooking Oil Recycling

The Howard County Landfill accepts used vegetable-based cooking oil from residents for recycling. Any type of liquid vegetable oil (i.e., peanut, corn, canola, olive, etc) is accepted. Used cooking oil may be brought to the Alpha Ridge Landfill and left with the attendant at the guardhouse. Please call 410-313-6444 to arrange an appointment for large quantities.

Please make sure that the cooking oil is not mixed with other fluids (water, petroleum products, soaps, etc). Place the cooking oil in a container with a tight-fitting lid, metal or plastic containers are preferable. Do not fill any container while the cooking oil is still hot as this could cause the container to crack or split; let the oil cool down before filling a container.

Vegetable oil that is mixed with small amounts of animal fats can be recycled as long as the amount of added animal fat has not caused the liquid to solidify. The method of collection that is being used can only handle liquids, not solids.

Used cooking oil is recycled into several valuable commodities including industrial fuel, soap, cosmetics, poultry feed, and many more.

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