Recycling Facts & Figures

For Calendar Year 2017

Waste Diversion Rate - 49.77%

    The waste diversion goal is comprised of the recycling rate plus source reduction credits (maximum 5%) that Maryland Counties and Baltimore City earn through activities designed to reduce the amount of waste going to the waste stream.

Total Recycling Tons - 238,145

Business Recycling Tons - 184,739

    These tons were generated by Howard County businesses who reported to us. These businesses are recognized as Work Green Howard businesses. Is your favorite business a Work Green Howard Business?

Residential Recycling Tons - 53,406

What’s in my blue recycling cart?

    Paper and Cardboard – 59.7%
    Glass Bottles – 15.5%
    Aluminum Cans – 1.1%
    Water & Soda Bottles – 4.1%
    Metal Cans – 1.7%
    Milk Containers - .8%
    Liquid Detergent Containers – 1.2%
    Other Plastic Containers (#3-7) – 2.5%
    Rigid Plastics - 1.2%
    Trash – 11.5%

Percentages based on average weights from recent audits. Trash includes items that are not recyclable, as well as items that do not belong in the blue cart, but can be recycled in other programs (For example: Styrofoam, yard trim, scrap metal). Please take these items to the Alpha Ridge Landfill for recycling. These items placed in the blue recycling carts are sorted out as trash and will not be recycled.

What's going on at the Alpha Ridge Landfill?

    In 2017, we gave away about 500 compost bins!

    We collected:
    • an average of 32 flags per month for retirement.
    • over 1300 bikes for Bikes for the World in 8 months since program launch
    • average 215 mattresses and/or box springs per month
    • 22.72 tons of car batteries
    • 17.3 tons of Styrofoam
    • 274.30 tons of tires
    • 445.93 tons of single stream
    • 73.85 tons of rigid plastics
    • 23.49 tons of cardboard
    • The Loading Dock received (among many other items):
      • 489 interior doors
        105 exterior doors
        102 windows
        169 toilets
        262 kitchen cabinets
        32 kitchen sinks
        411 light fixtures
        3,140 gallons of neutral, useable paint
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