What is Howard County's waste diversion rate?

In 2018, Howard County's waste diversion rate was 49.5%. The waste diversion goal is comprised of the recycling rate plus source reduction credits (maximum 5%) that Maryland Counties and Baltimore City earn through activities designed to reduce the amount of waste going to the waste stream.

How much is recycled in Howard County?

In 2018, Howard County recycled a total of 242,358 tons of material! This included 65,518 tons from residents and 176,840 tons from businesses. Business tons were generated by Howard County businesses who reported to us. These businesses are recognized as Work Green Howard businesses. Is your favorite business a Work Green Howard Business?

What’s in my blue recycling cart?

Paper and Cardboard – 59.7%
Glass Bottles – 15.5%
Aluminum Cans – 1.1%
Water & Soda Bottles – 4.1%
Metal Cans – 1.7%
Milk Containers - .8%
Liquid Detergent Containers – 1.2%
Other Plastic Containers (#3-7) – 2.5%
Rigid Plastics - 1.2%
Trash – 11.5%