County Employee Recycling

This section is dedicated to Howard County Government facility recycling. No matter where we work, we, as County employees, should be models of great recycling habits. Together we can reduce the amount of trash we throw away, save County dollars and help conserve our resources.


Printable Recycling Brochures and Signs

Workplace Recycling BrochureOffice Kitchen Recycling Sign No Plastic Bags, Film or Wrap
Recyclables OnlySolo Reciclaje


Print and post these near your recycling bins or keep a copy as an easy reference of what can be recycled.


What happens to the items you recycle?


Watch a video of the Waste Management processor. This facility accepts recyclables from Howard County offices, schools and homes, as well as most neighboring counties.


Recycling Q&A 

Did you know that almost everything in your office can be recycled? Does your office need help with recycling? Does your staff have questions about what can be recycled in the workplace? If so, schedule a recycling Q&A session. For more information, call 410-313-6444.

WMRA Elkridge Recycling Processor

Tour the Waste Management Recycle America located at 7175 Kit Kat Road in Elkridge. This tour lasts about an hour. Tours are scheduled as requested and must be groups of at least 6, with a maximum of 10. If you are not able to form a group, you can be added to an existing tour. Call 410-313-6444 for a tour schedule.

Alpha Ridge Landfill Tour

Schedule a tour of Alpha Ridge Landfill. A Recycling Coordinator will guide your group around Alpha Ridge Landfill Residents' Convenience Area to discuss what is collected and what happens to all those items. Many things are reused or recycled, but trash is collected too. The group may also tour the Compost Demo Area and Transfer Building. Did you know most of Howard County's trash is exported to a landfill in VA? Call 410-313-6444 to schedule.

No time for a tour? Use our new virtual tour to learn more about the many recycling opportunities available to Howard County Residents. Each scene provides detailed information about what is acceptable. Please use the latest version of Chrome, Firefox or Safari to view.


Recycling Containers


Pairing recycling containers and trash cans is the most effective way to improve recycling. If your office needs more bins or just needs help with better placement of bins, Recycling Division staff will visit your site and make sure your office has the tools to make recycling as easy as possible. Remember that the cleaning crew does not empty desk-side blue recycle bins. When your bin is full, find a tall recycling container (shown to the left) to empty out your recyclables.


Buy Recycled


With our growing waste stream, it's important to do our part to use less and create less waste.

  • Purchase refillable supplies such as pens, mechanical pencils and correction tape.
  • Close the loop and buy supplies made with recycled material. Please remember that County policy requires purchased copy paper to contain recycled content.


What Should I Do With...?


Aerosol Cans - At work, aerosol cans must be placed in the collection drums labels "Used Aerosols". Collection drums are located at the maintenance shops. At home, most of us can place EMPTY aerosol cans with our regular recycling collection.

Electronics - Please remember that this section applies to County government equipment only. For computer equipment such as printers, monitors, hard drives, keyboards, speakers, fax machines and peripherals, contact DCTS. Items will be reused or recycled.

Ink & Toner Cartridges - Cartridges can be taken to the Animal Shelter on Davis Road. The shelter recycles the cartridges and is able to earn money. Rudolphs also supplies boxes for cartridge recycling. If you don't have a box, please contact 410-931-4150. The company collects used cartridges when they drop-off new shipments and the County receives a credit.

Plastic Bags - Provide the opportunity to reuse and recycle plastic bags by hanging a plastic bag or bag dispenser in your kitchen area/break room. Bags can be reused by employees or recycled by bundling bags and taking them to your local retail store. Please do not place plastic bags in your blue recycling bins (they jam the processing machines).

Rechargeable Batteries - Call2Recycle boxes are available at various County locations. In particular, the maintenance shops at Ridge Road, Cooksville, Dayton, Mayfield, Rec & Parks HQ, Cedar Lane Park, Centennial Park, Rockburn Park, Schooley Mill Park and Western Regional Park, as well as the Bureau of Utilities and the Public Safety Training Center. If you'd like a collection box for your office, contact Cynthia Alden at 410-313-6447 or

Visit our Know Before You Throw website for more details about what to do with stuff you no longer want.


Office Captains and Teams


Volunteer to be a recycling captain or form a recycling team for your office. It's easy! Don't worry - you're not police - you just keep us updated with your office's recycling needs. If your office needs bins, stickers, signs or any kind of recycling help, we'll take care of it. Contact the Recycling Division at 410-313-6444.


Recycle at Home or Work


Work in Howard County, but don't live in Howard County? Since recycling programs can vary from County to County, please contact your County's Recycling Division for specific details.

Howard County Residents should visit for information about composting, grasscycling, the Alpha Ridge Landfill and our Know Before You Throw page for all things reuse and recycling!


Additional Tips


Only Shred When Needed - Shredding may be necessary, but if paper doesn't include personal information, save your shredder and recycle it instead. Read more about how shredding cuts paper fibers very short and may reduce the recyclability.


Pack a Waste-Free Lunch - Instead of paper bags, paper napkins, disposable water bottles/soda cans and individually packaged food items, consider reusable options. Packing a waste-free, reusable lunch can save you money too! Here's a price comparison or reusable vs. disposable lunches.