COVID-19 Updates

COVID-19 Updates: This page is monitored and updated daily.

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Alan Wilcom, Recycling Division Chief

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curbside collections reminderCurbside collection services for trash, recycling, yard trim, food scraps, bulk items, and scrap metal are all operating normally. Be careful about how you bag your trash. Make sure that all trash bags are securely tied at the top and double bag any bags that have torn while filling. These measures will help us to reduce the spread of COVID-19 by protecting the health of our collection crews.

Please avoid unnecessary trips to Alpha Ridge Landfill.

Visit our website for updates and information regarding operations at Alpha Ridge Landfill.

Alpha Ridge Landfill Residents' Convenience Center Virtual Tour

Familiarize yourself with the Residents' Convenience Center before you visit! Use this virtual tour to learn more about the many recycling opportunities available to Howard County Residents. Each scene provides detailed information about what is acceptable. Click on the 3D polygon in the top left corner to view in full screen. Please use the latest version of Chrome, Firefox or Safari to view.

Interested in a guided tour? Learn more about scheduling tours of the Residents' Convenience Center and Composting Facility.


Is it recyclable? Trash? Household Hazardous Waste?

KBYT game

Milk cartons? Plastic bags? Cooking oil?

Do you Know Before You Throw? Test your skills! Click and move the items to the correct place in our updated game to see what actually goes in your recycling bin. Learn about the other outlets we have to reduce, reuse and recycle your stuff.


Print your certificate and bring it to our main office (9801 Broken Land Parkway) to receive a FREE indoor recycling collection container (Limit one per household while supplies last).

COVID-19 Update: While offices remain closed to the public, we are unable to accept certificates or distribute indoor recycling containers at this time. 


keep it loose


Plastic Bags/Film Not Accepted in Recycling

Effective Saturday, June 15, 2019, any type of plastic bag/film will not be accepted in recycling. Items placed out for recycling should be loose in the county assigned recycling bin/cart (plastic bagged recyclables will not be collected). Plastic bags and film should be taken to your local retail or grocery store. Map of plastic bag/film recycling locations.

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