Maryland Recycling Act (MRA)

By 2020, Howard County is targeting a 60% recycling rate as required by State law and must report our progress annually to the State of Maryland.

From common items such as paper and cardboard to specialty materials such as textiles and pallets, many materials generated by Howard County businesses are recycled. Setting up collection programs and engaging employees is the first step. Now comes the next step; share your recycling story by completing our annual recycling report form. Businesses who report will be certified as a Work Green Howard Business.

For Work Green Howard certification, all forms must be submitted by March 31, 2018.

Questions or concerns? Contact Kim Reichart at 410-313-6442 or

MRA Recyclable Materials

Please refer to this list of additional materials that count toward Howard County's recycling rate.

Want to start a recycling program?

If your business does not have a recycling program and would like to start one, please contact Gemma Evans at