Today's Turf - Tomorrow's Earth

Grasscycling is a responsible environmental practice

It provides an opportunity for you to reduce curbside waste. Yard trim accounts for almost 12% of the County's solid waste landfilled; grass clippings make up more than half of that amount.

How short should I cut my grass?

The ideal cutting height for grass is 3". 

Why grasscycle?

By leaving grass clippings on your lawn, you can save 25-35 minutes each time you mow and save money (no bags to purchase). The clippings return nutrients to the soil and improve lawn quality. Lawn care professionals recommend grasscycling for a greener, healthier lawn. Plus, all mowers can grasscycle - simply remove your mower's collection bag. Many manufacturers also have attachments or special designs that improve a mower's grasscycling performance.

Even better...

Clippings do not cause thatch, which is a thick buildup of roots due to over-fertilizing. Clippings won't damage your lawn when you mow regularly and at the proper height. Grasscycling doesn't spread lawn diseases. Disease spores are present whether clippings are removed or returned.

More information:

  • Home and Garden Center, University of Maryland, Cooperative Extension Service, 800-342-2507
  • Howard County Master Gardeners, 410-313-2707
  • Howard County Bureau of Environmental Services, 410-313-6444, (TTY 313-2323)