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Bulk Item & Scrap Metal Collection

curbside collections reminderCurbside collection services for trash, recycling, yard trim, food scraps, bulk items, and scrap metal are all operating normally. Be careful about how you bag your trash. Make sure that all trash bags are securely tied at the top and double bag any bags that have torn while filling. These measures will help us to reduce the spread of COVID-19 by protecting the health of our collection crews.

Please avoid unnecessary trips to Alpha Ridge Landfill.

Visit our website for updates and information regarding operations at Alpha Ridge Landfill.

Bulk Collection Postcard

Choose to Reuse:

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Note: This information is provided as a service to residents. Howard County does not endorse products, services or vendors.

Bulk Pick-Up Basics

Should none of the reuse alternatives fit your needs, Howard County has a limited bulk item pickup service. Residents receiving County-provided curbside trash collection are eligible for curbside bulk trash and metal collection. Please call 410-313-6444 to schedule bulk trash or scrap metal collection. Residents in private areas that do not receive County collection are not eligible for bulk pickup. Please note that all Howard County residents can take bulk material to the Alpha Ridge Landfill (2350 Marriottsville Rd) for recycling or disposal. Printable Bulk Item & Scrap Metal Postcard (Note: We are no longer able to schedule online.)

Plastic Items

Bulk plastic items such as playhouses & play sets (disassembled), totes, sheds (disassembled), lawn furniture and coolers can be recycled at the curb on your regular recycling day. Unlimited amounts of recycling will be accepted.

Trash Items

Remember: Bulk trash items collected by the County will be sent to a landfill. For donating or selling reusable items, please see the list above. One person's trash is another's treasure!

Pickup of bulk trash items must be scheduled by calling 410-313-6444. Large trash items such as mattresses, box springs, chairs, sofas, dressers and tables will be collected. After scheduling, place these items at the curb with your trash on your regular trash day. Items must be placed at CURBSIDE, within 5 feet of the county roadway. Maximum of 4 large trash items will be collected per pickup. Items must be able to be lifted by two collection crew members (larger items will be tagged and left for the resident's disposal).

Metal Items

Pickup of bulk scrap metal items must be scheduled by calling 410-313-6444. After scheduling, you will be given your collection day. Bulk metal items include metal swing sets, file cabinets, appliances, lawn mowers, exercise equipment, etc. Please remove doors from refrigerators, and drain oil and gas from lawn mowers. Restrictions may apply.

NOTE: It is illegal for anyone except Howard County's contractors to pick-up scrap metal at the curb (Howard County Code 18.610)

Prohibited Items

Aquarium tanks     Drum containers     Pallets*    
Carpet/rugs Fuel & oil tanks Picnic tables (wooden)    
Chairs with electric plugs Medical Waste Playhouses/swing sets (wooden)    
Compressed gas tanks* Mirrors/plate glass     Stumps and logs*
Computer monitors** Moon bounces Tires*
Construction & demolition debris     Motorized toys* TVs**

* These items can be recycled at Alpha Ridge Landfill (2350 Marriottsville Road).
** Electronics can be recycled at Alpha Ridge Landfill or through customer take-back programs. Visit our electronics webpage for specific locations.

Construction & Demolition Debris

For details, please visit our Construction & Demolition Debris webpage or consider The Bagster, a flexible 'dumpster' service provided by Waste Management. Purchase a Bagster from your local home improvement store, fill the bag with material and contact Waste Management for pick-up.