Alpha Ridge Landfill Regulations

** Printable Landfill Usage Rules **

Hours of Operation:

Monday thru Saturday ..............       8:00 am to 4:00 pm (closed 3:30 pm for commercial)
Sunday ........................................ Closed
Holiday Closings New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day,
Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day

Usage Rules

1. All commercial vehicles delivering solid waste to the Howard County Sanitary Landfill are required to purchase a nontransferable commercial landfill permit at an annual charge; no commercial vehicles will be permitted to use the landfill facilities without a permit. All permits are valid for the period July 1st through June 30. All permitted commercial vehicles are required to display their permit on the driver's side of the vehicle, so that the permit may be easily read by Howard County landfill personnel when the vehicle approaches truck scales at the landfill. Commercial permits may be purchased at the landfill.

2. Howard County residents disposing of household trash are required to show a valid driver's license, with their Howard County address, as proof that they are Howard County residents.

3. Tractor trailers are not allowed in the transfer station.

4. Howard County residents disposing of construction debris or mixed loads of construction debris and other waste will be charged at the commercial solid waste rate or appropriate waste rate, whichever is higher, as this material is not personal residential household waste; these vehicles must be weighed before and after disposal. Only personal residential household waste is exempt from payment of tipping fees.

5. The following types of refuse will not be accepted for disposal in the landfill or transfer station: hot ashes, poisons, acids, caustics, explosives, chemical waste, petroleum, pathological, infectious and surgical hospital waste; radiological or radioactive waste; controlled hazardous substances, liquid waste, septic waste, dead animals, liquid paint, detergents (bulk), automobiles or engine blocks (over 2'). Any questions concerning disposal of specific waste types, shall be directed to the Landfill Superintendent.

6. Barrels, drums, and 5-gallon or greater cans will be accepted if unused (or washed), and tops/ bottoms are removed and flattened. Drums previously holding hazardous waste must be emptied in accordance with COMAR

7. Residents are limited to 4 tires per visit. Commercial customers hauling tires must have a valid Maryland Scrap Tire Hauler License. No motor vehicle tires will be accepted at the designated tire drop-off location if they are mounted on rims, over 4' in diameter, or are over 15" wide.

8. Firearms at the landfill are prohibited at all times.

9. Cardboard is not to be disposed as trash at the landfill.

10. Howard County residents disposing of large quantities of household waste or using vehicles larger than 3/4 ton capacity will be subject to an evaluation process and may be granted a “Special Exception” to dispose of waste without charge up to 2 tons per fiscal year.

11. Residential Household Hazardous Waste shall be left at the designated acceptance facility only during posted operating hours for that facility. No commercial hazardous waste is accepted at the landfill or transfer station.

12. Any vehicle arriving at the landfill after the closing time will not be admitted. Commercial vehicles remaining within the landfill after 4 p.m. will be charged $100.00 per 30 minutes or fraction thereof.

13. All commercial vehicles are to be weighed on the landfill scales, before and after disposal of any refuse.

14. All vehicles transporting refuse are to keep the refuse in their vehicles suitably covered or enclosed at all times to prevent littering of streets and highways. Refuse shall not protrude from the sides of any vehicle body. All vehicles entering the landfill are responsible for the removal of refuse dropped by their vehicles while en route to the assigned disposal area. Tarps shall be removed in designated areas only.

15. All vehicles are to observe and obey posted speed limits, direction signs, and other posted notices.

16. All landfill users must adhere to all posted and verbal instructions given by landfill personnel related to the disposal and placement of all types of refuse and recyclables. Harassment of any landfill personnel, in any manner, will not be tolerated and may result in revoking of landfill user privileges.

17. Loitering at the landfill is strictly prohibited. There is 30-minute time limit for discharge of cargo.

18. Scavenging at the convenience center, on the landfill face, at the transfer station, or in containers is strictly prohibited.

19. Children under the age of 16 must be closely supervised by an adult at all times. Children under the age of 16 are not permitted inside the transfer station.

20. Reflective safety vests must be worn on the transfer station floor. Hard hats, type I or II, are required by contractors, residents, employees or visitors on the tipping station floor or below the walls in the residential drop-off area. Contractors and businesses must provide hard hats for their workers. Persons in designated hard hat zones without proper protective gear will be asked to leave the area. Repeat offenders may have their permit privileges revoked.

21. Truck cleaning, if necessary, shall be performed at the transfer station when truck is emptied. All doors, gates, etc. must be secured before leaving the transfer station. The 30-minute unloading time limit includes truck cleaning.

22. Consumption of any alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited on landfill property.

23. Motorbike or off-road vehicle riding is prohibited on landfill property.

24. Unauthorized parking of vehicles is prohibited. Vehicles not removed from the landfill by the closing time may be towed at the owner’s expense.

25. Sold products will be loaded onto purchaser’s trucks or trailers using standard industry loading recommendations or the best judgment of the landfill staff.

26. Howard County is not responsible for and shall not render assistance to any vehicle developing mechanical difficulty. Emergency towing will be provided entirely at vehicle owner's risk.

27. All laws, regulations and resolutions applicable to the landfill shall be strictly adhered to by all landfill users, including, but not limited to:

  • Howard County Code, Title 18, Subtitle 6, Sanitary Landfill Regulations, which prohibits solid waste generated from out-of-County sources;
  • Howard County Code, Title 14, Subtitle 6, Permit & Disposal Fees for use of Sanitary Landfill, establishing landfill disposal fees.
  • Code of Maryland Regulations, Title 26, Subtitle 4, Chapter 7, Regulation of Water Supply, Sewage Disposal, and Solid Waste, specifying landfill operating requirements and restrictions.

28. Howard County is not responsible for any injuries to persons or damage to vehicles at the landfill.