Alpha Ridge Landfill Fee Schedule

Landfill Fees through June 30, 2018 (Fiscal Year 2018)


Effective July 1, 2017, the Howard County Alpha Ridge Landfill will implement the rate structure below. These rates are pursuant to Howard County Council Resolution No. 64 adopted on May 24, 2017 and are subject to change.

NOTE: No solid waste generated out-of-County will be accepted at the Howard County Alpha Ridge Landfill.

** Printable FY18 Alpha Ridge Landfill Fees **

Annual Permit Charge

Commercial Trash Permit (renewable each June) $30.00

User Charges

(1) RESIDENTIAL SOLID WASTE - No charge for Howard County residents bringing household waste to the landfill in: No Charge
(a) Vehicles up to 3/4 ton GVW registered in Howard County; or
(b) Vehicles registered as farm vehicles with the Motor Vehicle Administration hauling qualifying waste.Residents bringing in household waste must apply for a special exception permit if vehicle is not registered as a farm vehicle, is over 3/4 ton GVW, is not registered to residents or displays commercial signage.A maximum of 2 tons of household waste will be accepted from a County resident at no charge during a 1-year period from July through June. Commercial user chargers shall be charged for quantities exceeding 2 tons per fiscal year.

NOTE: Residents disposing of construction, demolition and home improvement material (C&D waste) will be directed to weigh in at the scalehouse and will be charged $80/ton ($4.00 per 100 pounds) of waste. This includes deliveries mixed with household waste.

(2) CLEAN DIRT free of trash and rubble (volume may be limited by the Department of Public Works). Call Bureau office (410-313-6444) to determine if clean soil is being accepted and if fee is being charged. $100.00/ton
(3) CLEAN WOOD/YARD TRIM - clean wood waste includes brush, tree branches, unpainted and untreated lumber.
(a) Residential No Charge
(b) Commercial (After verification that wood waste is clean) $30.00/ton
(4) COMMERCIAL SOLID WASTE (Tires must be delivered separately) $80.00/ton
(a) Auto Tires $130.00/ton
(b) Truck (oversized) Tires $190.00/ton
(6) COMMERCIAL MATTRESSES AND BOX SPRINGS (Mixed with Trash - Trash) $100.00/ton
(7) COMMERCIAL MATTRESSES AND BOX SPRINGS (Clean Loads - Recycled) $50.00/ton
(8) COMMERCIAL CARDBOARD (Mixed with Trash - Trash) $100.00/ton
(11) SHINGLES $65.00/ton
(12) BOATS, HOUSE TRAILERS AND CAMPERS - All Boats, House Trailers and Campers not to exceed 30 feet in length. $80.00/ton
Acceptance may be limited by the Department of Public Works.


Size of Vehicle Solid Waste Clean Yard/Wood Waste
Pickup trucks and leisure vans, 1/2 - 3/4 ton $20 $4
Pickup trucks with side rails, caps or dump beds $27 $7
Dump trucks (2 axle) $146 $39
Dump trucks (3 axle) $249 $66
Closed vans (2 axle) $89 $23
Closed vans (3 axle) $130 $35
Stake body/open body trucks or trailer dump (2 axle) $249 $66
Stake body/open body trucks or trailer dump (3 axle) $303 $80
Front, Rear and Side Load compactor:
a) Under 16 cubic yards $184 $49
b) 16 - 23 cubic yards $249 $66
c) 24 cubic yards and over $374 $100
Semi-trailer NOT ACCEPTED $80
Roll-off Bed
a) Under 25 cubic yards $249 $66
b) 25 - 34 cubic yards $303 $80
c) 35 cubic yards and over $374 $100
Tire Fees (when scales are inoperative)
Auto Tires
Up to 30 tires $30.00 flat rate
Over 30 tires $1.50 per tire
Truck (oversized) tires
Up to 10 tires $30.00 flat rate
Over 10 tires $3.50 per tire

NOTE: A maximum of four (4) auto tires may be delivered to the Residents' Convenience Area by residents at no charge. Farm vehicles are also limited to four (4) auto tires. Deliveries of greater than 4 tires will be charged the per ton commercial user charge.

Penalty and Special Charges (In addition to other applicable landfill charges)

(a) Credit account deposit (amount to be paid before credit is initially extended) $200.00 minimum
Credit account deposit - maintenance surety (amount for maintaining extension of credit; reviewed and adjusted every 6 months) 1.5 times average monthly statement
(b) Late payment penalty assessed on the last County work day of the month following the month on which charges are billed. All statements will indicate the penalty date. 10% of unpaid balance - every 30 days balance is overdue
(c) Service charge for failure to weigh out $25.00, plus rate per ton calculated using waste type and vehicle's tare weight
(d) Service charge for each returned check $35.00
(e) Commercial vehicles remaining after closing time $100.00 per 30 minutes
(f) Commercial vehicles unloading past 30 minute time limit $100.00 per 30 minutes