About the Utility Design Division

The Utility Design Division is comprised of engineers and administrative support personnel. The responsibilities of the Division include oversight of the cost, scheduling, and design of water and wastewater capital projects. The Utility Design Division of the Bureau of Engineering differs from the Bureau of Utilities and their Technical Support Division. The Utility Design Division is focused on the engineering and construction of capital projects and water/wastewater system improvements, while the Bureau of Utilities is focused on the operation of the water/wastewater system. Projects managed by the Utility Design Division include: water distribution systems, wastewater collection systems, water storage, and water/wastewater pumping facilities.

The Division’s ongoing collaboration with Baltimore City, Baltimore County and the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission ensures an adequate public water supply and wastewater treatment system to Howard County.

The Division is responsible for development of the Howard County water and sewer design standards, as established in the Howard County Design Manual Volume II and detailed in Volume IV. 

Other responsibilities include providing recommendations on Metropolitan District incorporations, which allow property owners to be served by the County’s public water and sewer systems, and providing technical assistance in the review of plans and specifications for developer-funded water and wastewater projects.