Public meeting information for current capital projects in the design phase

J4202 Stephens Road Bridge Replacement

Replacement of the existing bridge over the Hammond Branch of the Little Patuxent River.  Included in the project is continuous sidewalk construction along both sides of Stephens between Whiskey Bottom Road and Gorman Road.  Bicycle accommodation along roadway is also included.

Estimated cost of project: $6M

Estimated construction start: Fall 2019

Estimated construction completion: Fall 2020

Displays presented at 3/7/2018 pubic meeting can be found here: 

Display 1: Stephens Road Improvements

Display 2: Stephens Road Typical Section

J4212-10 MD 103 at US 1 Intersection Improvements

Geometric improvements of MD 103 (Meadowridge Road) at US 1 (Washington Blvd) in Elkridge.  Project will provide additional turning lanes on the east and west legs of the intersection.  Also included in the project are bike and pedestrian acccessibility improvements.

Estimated cost of project: $2.5M

Overall project anticipated completion: 2022

Graphics presented at 3/7/19 public meeting can be found here:

Display 1: Overall plan

Display 2: Typical sections

Display 3: Sample bioswale exhibit

J4222 Snowden River Parkway Widening

Widening of Snowden River Parkway between Oakland Mills Road and Broken Land Parkway.

Project will be phased with new third left turn lane to be constructed in Summer of 2018

Estimated Cost of 3rd left turn lane: $750,000

Estimated Cost of Overall Project: $30M

Overall project anticipated completion: 2023

Displays presented at 2/28/18 public meeting can be found here:

Display 2: Third left turn lane
Display 5: Turning movements at Lincoln Tech


2/28/2018 public meeting feedback with responses:

J4222 public meeting feedback


J4230 Sanner Road Improvements

Widening of Sanner Road between Johns Hopkins Road and Guilford Road to include accommodation for bike lanes per the County's Bicycle Master Plan.

Estimated cost of construction: $2.65M

Estimated construction start: 2020 (pending available funding)

Displays presented at 3/6/2018 public meeting can be found here:

Sanner Road Typical Section

Sanner Road Concept Plan


J4239 Old Roxbury Road Widening

Widening of Old Roxbury Road between MD97 and Rivercrest Court

Estimated Cost: $650,000

Estimated construction start: Summer 2018

Anticipated construction completion: Spring 2019

Displays presented at 2/15/18 public meeting can be found here: Click here for display info

Capital projects currently in the construction phase

The above projects are in the design phase.  For information about the status of projects currently under construction, please visit the DPW Home Page and click on the "Capital Projects" tab where you can filter the projects by type.