Police shut down drug ring in Columbia
Lengthy investigation leads to 26 people indicted

Howard County narcotics detectives have shut down a drug ring in Columbia involving cocaine and prescription pills with the arrests and indictments of 26 people over the last eight months. The effort has had an impact on the availability and distribution of these types of drugs in Columbia.

Detectives began investigating the ring after undercover officers made a series of drug buys from various dealers in Columbia. Through their investigation, they learned that many drug dealers were being supplied with cocaine and OxyContin by a local man, James William Matthews, 50, of Tamebird Court, Columbia. 

After gathering months of information, police requested a court order from a judge for a wiretap on Matthews’ phone. The wiretap began in October 2015 and detectives began gathering details about Matthews’ illegal activities and associates. 

Over the course of seven weeks, police obtained significant information about Matthews’ operation and established probable cause for numerous arrests and search warrants. Matthews was arrested in November 2015, and later indicted by a grand jury on charges of conspiracy to distribute drugs, possession of large quantities of drugs, importing drugs into the state, and operating as a drug kingpin. 

After Matthews’ arrest, another man in the network, Michael Antonio Webb, 32, of Blue Wing Court, Columbia, began conducting operations in Matthews’ place. Police requested a court order from a judge for a wiretap on Webb’s phone and obtained additional information between December 2015 and February 2016 about the ongoing activities of the drug ring.

As a result of the overall investigation, police identified and charged a total of 26 people who were involved in supplying, selling and buying drugs as part of Matthews’ and Webb’s networks. Detectives served 13 search warrants and, all combined, seized more than a kilo of cocaine and crack cocaine; more than 100 various prescription pills; $160,000 in cash; and four vehicles. 

Detectives have worked continuously with the Howard County Office of the State’s Attorney throughout the investigation. Indictments have been ongoing and additional charges are expected. To date, there have been a total of 34 grand jury indictments involving these 26 suspects (click link for booking photo):

Monie Brunson, Jr., 69, Daystar Court, Columbia
Larry William Coleman, 47, Briarcroft Lane, Laurel
Charles Hebron, 61, Cedar Avenue, Jessup
Kendrick O’Neil Jackson,28, Flowerstock Row, Columbia
William Edward Jolley, 51, Wende Court, Glen Burnie
Terrell Justin Jones, 25, Blue Wing Court, Columbia
Crystal Yvette Kelly, 53, Oak Meade Way, Jessup
Tanya Nicole Kosh, 35, Faulkner Ridge Circle, Columbia
Shondara Dovonia Lee, 39, Tamar Drive, Columbia
Thomas Michael Lemerise, 50, Horseshoe Circle, Jessup
James William Matthews, 50, Tamebird Court, Columbia
Eric D. Murtha, 35, Town & Country Blvd, Ellicott City
Aubrey Noble Nicholson, 55, Tamebird Court, Columbia
Dontae Andre Robinson, 24, Airybrink Lane, Columbia
Cecil Bernard Scott, 45, Branch Lane, Glen Burnie
Tyler Daniel Selby, 44, Pressed Gentian, Columbia
Jamie Irene Sichette, 37, Twelve Sons Court, Jessup
Anthony Lamont Stancil, 40, Thornbrook Drive, Odenton
Sheila Steed, 49, Broken Staff, Columbia
Shelly Yvette Thomas, 48, Blue Wing Court, Columbia
Hanif Abdul Wali, 53, Joyful Way, Ellicott City
Kevin Walker, 53, Yellow Rose Court, Columbia
Jerome Davon Ware, 41, Stevens Forest Road, Columbia
Michael Antonio Webb, 32, Blue Wing Court, Columbia
Sheron Palette Wells, 57, Beverly Drive, Elkridge



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