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Necessary Disturbance Action Reports

Necessary Disturbance deals with grading, removing vegetation and trees, and paving in wetlands, streams, wetland buffers, stream buffers or steep slopes. To do so requires a detailed justification to the Department of Planning and Zoning clearly showing that meeting the rule cannot be accomplished without some level of flexibility and that disturbing environmental features is necessary for reasonable development.

A developer must show that flexibility is necessary to construct public or private roads, driveways, utilities, trails, pathways, or stormwater management facilities which are essential. They must also show that the design minimizes disturbance and that there is no other reasonable alternative. The cost of an alternative improvement cannot be a factor in deciding whether the criteria can be met. In any zoning district, achieving the maximum possible density is also not sufficient justification alone to allow disturbance.


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Updated monthly beginning in April 2019. Please select the appropriate month from the list below to access a detailed PDF report. The link will open in a new tab.

2019 Reports