Select Demographics by County Subdivision

Utilizing Microsoft’s Power BI software, the Division of Research has developed a series of demographic and socioeconomic reports that allow users to view data interactively. Each of these reports displays data on a variety of scales, from the census subdivision level up to countywide, statewide, and in some instances including national and international statistics. This page will be updated continuously as new reports are generate.

Available Reports and Use Instructions
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Population by Age and Sex ACS 5-year (2013-2017)

Age and Sex icon

This report shows the distribution of population throughout the county based on the categories of age and sex. By selecting individual subdivisions within the selector map (at center), statistics will filter to display for the selected geography only. When no subdivision is selected, countywide data is displayed. To clear a selection simply re-click the highlighted subdivision. To select multiple subdivisions, hold “Ctrl” while selecting.

Domestic Migration Flow ACS 5-year (2013-2017)

Domestic Migration icon

This report shows the movement of people to and from Howard County throughout the United States. Migration loss indicates states and jurisdictions to which more people moved from Howard County than moved out of and to Howard County. Migration gain indicates the converse, states and jurisdictions that had more people move to Howard County than they received from Howard County. By right-clicking a state and selecting “Drill down” you can zoom-in to the state and see the distribution of migration gain and loss by county. To return to the state view, right-click and select “Drill up”. As states and jurisdictions are selected, the Gross Migration box in the upper-right corner will change to display the gross migration for the selected geography. Bordering the map are columns depicting the Top-10 origins and destinations for Howard County’s movers. The bottom-middle displays important countywide statistics.