Public Meeting Signs

The requirement for posting signs with large three digit codes was enacted under Council Bill 16-2007. The purpose is to provide easy identification of land development and zoning matters in the County. Posted signs advertise and identify upcoming cases and presubmission community meetings. The large sign code is located in the upper left hand corner of the signs. The code can be observed while driving by. It can then be referred to in order to get more information on the case or meeting by either calling DPZ or looking the code up on the  search plans and public meetings website.

Red Public Hearing
Public Hearing Notice
B 01-99: Board of Appeals
D 01-99: Administrative Adjustments, Temporary Uses, Non-Conforming Uses
H 01-99: Hearing Examiner
P 01-99: Planning Board
Z 01-99: Zoning Board
Presubmission Sign
Presubmission Community Meeting
C 01-99: Conditional Use
R 01-99: Residential Development
M 01-99: Zoning Map Amendment Request
N 01-99: Non-Residential Development
V 01-99: Columbia Village Redevelopment
T 01-99: Downtown Columbia
Public Notice
Public Notice of New Subdivision
These signs are posted at the proposed entrance to a new subdivision providing information on the proposed number of lots and references the associated file number. They are required to be posted for 30 days upon submission of a new subdivision plan.
DAP Poster
Design Advisory Panel Meeting
At least 15 calendar days before the scheduled DAP meeting applicants must post their properties with a notification sign. Photographs of the posting must be sent to the DAP Executive Secretary within three calendar days of posting the property.
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