Natural Wood Waste (Mulch) and Composting Regulations

County Executive Kittleman and Councilmembers Mary Kay Sigaty and Greg Fox have filed Council Bill 60-2017 (CB-60) for County Council Consideration.

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Please click here to view legislative information on the County Council webpage, such as hearing dates and amendments once filed.

DPZ presentation at the County Council work session on September 25, 2017

DPZ presented a summary of proposed amendments to CB 60. Available for review are the PowerPoint summary with references to the redline and the redline version of the Bill.

DPZ presentation to the County Council on

July 10, 2017

DPZ and other County staff attended the Council's monthly meeting for a briefing on CB-60. Video of the meeting can be viewed here and the DPZ presentation here

DPZ presentation to the Planning Board on

May 25, 2015 

The Department of Planning and Zoning presented ZRA-180 to the Planning Board on May 25, 2017. Please review the DPZ's technical staff report and the Planning Board's recommendation. Video of the meeting can be viewed here.

July 6, 2017: A message from the County Executive

A message from the County Executive regarding future changes to the legislation:

Since the filing of Council Bill 60-2017 (ZRA 180), we have received a number of communications from various stakeholders in the process.  As the Council, especially the bill co-sponsors are aware, the filing of the bill is just another step in this open and transparent process.  Unfortunately, there appears to be a substantial amount of misinformation that has complicated the process.

The bill itself is a result of a broad community task force and a separate, smaller work group that worked on various compromises.  As this task force and work group didn't develop legislative language, this is the bill’s first iteration.  

To help clarify some of the key issues that we know are out there, we have put this communication together.  First of all, we were well aware from the beginning that there would likely be a number of amendments that would be required as part of the legislative process.  Some of the changes will be done to tighten up or clarify intentions of the bill while others might be needed to broaden the shared goals of all of the stakeholders.

A number of these issues are outlined below, but we are sure that we will receive other constructive suggestions throughout this process that allow the shared goals to be met:

  • In ALPP and other easement properties, it was never intended for the property to have both up to a three-acre composting facility and up to a two-acre mulch facility if it had a tree farm. This could be addressed by making this an either/or situation or possibly establishing a cap for the combined uses. This is something that we and DPZ intend to address. 
  • While we have heard concerns that there could be an unintended loophole regarding the tree farm provision on easement properties, numerous areas of the bill attempt to address that concern.  If, after hearing testimony on July 17 th, we believe that this can be tightened up we will consider appropriate amendments.   
  • We still need to confirm that existing operations that were supported by all participants of the task force, as a common goal, will be able to operate.  Right now, at least one of these operations (not on easement property) is not fully addressed. 
  • The regulations as proposed did not include MALPF properties since they are regulated through the State program as well as individual easement requirements.  However, in response to concerns we plan to file an amendment that applies the same regulations to the MALPF properties as those in the County’s ALPP program.  This will add zoning requirements and limitations  to MALPF properties, in addition to the state and easement restrictions. We will continue to listen to testimony on the issue and be prepared to offer amendments as needed

Again, this the just the beginning of the legislative process.  To further assist stakeholders in understanding the details of CB60-2017, DPZ briefed the Council and the public as part of the Council’s July 10 th monthly meeting at 8:30 in the morning. The meeting was streamed and the video is posted above for anyone who wasn't able to attend in person.