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Green Infrastructure Network

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Green Infrastructure Network Plan | Green Infrastructure Network | Interactive Map

Green Infrastructure is a network of interconnected waterways, wetlands, forest, meadows, and other natural areas. This infrastructure helps support native plant and animal species, maintain natural ecological processes, sustain air and water resources, and contribute to the health and quality of life for communities.

Howard County's Green Infrastructure Network consists of hubs (large, natural areas) and connecting corridors that often follow rivers and streams.

Habitat Management Plans

The Department is moving forward with implementation priorities defined in the Green Infrastructure Network Plan, including developing habitat management plans for the hubs and corridors. The habitat management plans include information on existing conditions and recommendations for landowners who would like to maintain or improve the habitat on their property.

HMP for Dorsey Wetland Hub

HMP for Guilford Branch Forest Hub

Wetland and Pond Enhancement document



Forest Conservation
The Howard County Forest Conservation Act works to protect and maintain forest vegetation and forest areas in Howard County by requiring certain development projects to have an approved Forest Conservation Plan as a condition of approval for the development. These r