Adequate Public Facilities Report

Final APFO Report for 2016





Appendix A - APF Review Task Force Recommendation Considerations by Content Area

Appendix B - Master Vote Tally List

Appendix C- Rules of Procedure
Appendix D - Executive Orders
Appendix E - Citizen Emails
Appendix F - Growth Management Framework for Howard County APFO
Appendix G - Howard County's APFO
Appendix H - School Planning and the Adequate Public Facilities
Appendix I- Design Manual Volume III, Chapter 4 Adequate Road Facilities
Appendix J- APFO Task Force Downtown Columbia Requiements
Appendix K - Howard County Office of Transportation Presentation to APFO Task Force
Appendix L - Waiver Petitions
Appendix M - Models and Guidelines Report
Appendix N - Adequate Public Facilities Ordinances in Maryland

Appendix O - Adequate Public Facilities Ordinance Inventory for Maryland Jurisdictions

Appendix P - Market Analysis and Strategic Implementation Analysis
Appendix Q - County Development Impact Fees and Building Excise Taxes in Maryland
Appendix R - 2015 Open Closed Chart
Appendix S - 2014 Howard County School Enrollment Projections
Appendix T - 2014 Feasibility Study
Appendix U - 2015 Feasibility Study
Appendix V - Schools Test Information for APFO Committee
Appendix W - APFO Questions and Answers
Appendix X - Response to APFO Questions
Appendix Y - Maryland County APFO Fire and EMS References
Appendix Z - Howard County Designated Place Types Map
Appendix AA - APFO's Relationship to Other Land Use Policies in Howard County
Appendix BB - APFOs in Other Jurisdictions
Appendix CC - Building Excise Tax and Schools Facility Surcharge
Appendix DD - Design Manual, Grade Separation
Appendix EE - Subdivision Regulations, Waivers